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Jul 10, 2007 01:56 PM

Opus This Weekend

Going for a special occasion. Anything special on the current menu that we shouldn't miss? Also, how does the pay by course menu that I've read about here work? We're pretty excited - any thoughts?

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  1. I can't answer as to the current menu as I haven't seen it, if it's changed since the last time I've been, but I will say that if it's your first time you should really try to do one of the set course menus. The first time my boyfriend and I went we each had the 3-course with the wine pairings. The food was very creative, beautifully presented, and tasted great. The chef came out with each course to explain the dish, and the 3-courses actually turned into something like 7. I don't remember the approx price for any of this, but I do remember that it was comparable to any other semi-decent restaurant in town.

    1. partake in the tasting menu to obtain the best dining experience.

      1. the minimum is now 4 courses for $40 and it won't be listed on the menu. you'll have to specifically ask for the tasting menu and the number of courses preferred. if you drink, don't forget the reasonably priced wine pairings available.

        1. The octopus and pickled watermelon appetizer was unbelievable. It was the best octopus dish I've ever had, and I l-o-v-e octopus. If they still have that I highly recommend it. The tasting menu is really good, but if you see something you find really delicious on the menu I say get it. As others have mentioned, the tasting menu is no longer on the menu, and is no longer 3 courses for $30, 6 for $60. When I was last there (about a month ago) they said it would be market price, but that it would probably cost about $40 for three courses.

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            I agree, the octopus appetizer just might be the best app I've ever had anywhere. And the melon granita is surprising, but very good.