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Jul 10, 2007 01:51 PM

Dining for my 21st in Philly

I want somewhere I don't need a reservation, but also somewhere you wouldn't go every week (Burgers and fries not on the menu). I'm also looking for either italian, french, or modern american.

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  1. What area of the city? BYOB or full bar? What is your budget?

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    1. re: JanR

      Sorry, closer to center city but I'm not too worried about that part; full bar; $20-30.

        1. re: idia

          Which is neither French, nor Italian, nor modern American, but neither is Amada, which I'd recommend, though you do need a reservation there. But for a 21st birthday fun atmosphere, it's my pick.

          1. re: Hardart

            Good suggestion. I was going to suggest Ansill. I don't know if either will let them remain within their budget, if $20-30 includes drinks.

    2. For a 21st Birthday, why not someplace like Continental. Cost control is somewhat easier, lots of fun drink options...While I absolutely agree that Ansill and Amada are both wonderful, I would think the bar atmosphere is better at either Continental for a 21st.

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      1. re: Kramer

        I was also going to recommend the Continental. I prefer the Midtown location, but both are a good fit.

        1. re: lawgirl3278

          Italian of moderate price and excellent food (but requiring reservation)--and BYO-- is L'Angolo. 15th and Porter, I believe. Amada, as suggested above, is a great idea. Ansill.... well.... if you like small plates (I think it's not the bang for the buck). For more money, go to Pif-- Ansill's first restaurant (French bistro, BYO) for a wonderful dinner (about $50/person).
          If you like Sushi-- Kisso.

          1. re: pathgeek

            Pif is closed. Amada would be an amazing time but you need a reservation. L'angolo is BYO and not right for this particulat occasion. I reccomend (for what you are looking for) the Continental, Pod and Valanni for reasonble prices, fun cocktails and the hopes of getting in without a reservation.

            1. re: saturninus

              Pif isn't closed just yet, their last day is the 14th. They're probably booked, though, and it's not a place you'd go to on your 21st birthday anyway.

              Continental Midtown is a good choice. It's big, even if you have to wait for a table it probably wouldn't be a long wait. They've also got the roof deck there, which is fun. You can't order the full menu from the roof deck, though.

              1. re: Buckethead

                Speaking of which, has anyone been to Pif in this last week?

        2. re: Kramer

          I also recommend Continental West, and I'd add Valanni as another fun place with great drinks and ambiance for a 21st birthday. Cuba Libre is also fun and has great drinks and food, but the food is more Latin/Cuban than modern American. Thank you.

          1. re: Bride of the Juggler

            continental west is definitely a better choice than the old city one, but for a 21st it won't let you get as silly and loud as you want to be. alot of the 20-somethings that go there take themselves too seriously.

            my 21st was spent watching my friends throw up margaritas at cobacabana on south street and it was great. :D i was also the only one who didn't get laid that night. *sigh* (disclaimer - bf at the time was from new zealand and not around).

            1. re: mazza3

              For "21", the atmosphere, food, menu: Osteria. Truly a swinging, in place. North Broad Street, not that far from City Hall. You can hold the bill down by what you choose, including pizzas.

        3. Piano,

          You are 21. Skip the dinner, pool your money and and tie one on at a bar that you could get into before. In 20 years, you won't remember where you ate, but you will remember that awful shot of 151 that made you dance on the bar. Afterwards, Grab a late night slice of pizza.