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Jul 10, 2007 01:43 PM

Football Season: Favorite Take & Go Tailgate Item

Football season is quickly approaching and I am getting a serious case of football fever! And one of my favorite things is tailgate food. It seems like every year we try to outdo ourselves with our tailgate yummies. What better way to meet new people than to invite them over to your tailgate for a beer and a bite to eat.

I would love for ya'll to share your FAVORITE tailgate take-alongs. I am looking for stuff I can make at home or which requires little assembly once I get to the lot. Thanks in advance and best of luck to your favorite team.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This may sound weird, but during the early part of the FB season, when it's still very hot outside and we have an early game, I make home-cured gravlax (with vodka as part of the curing process) and slice it before packing. Add bagels and a tub of cream cheese - it seems very fancy but it's not hard at all.

      The standard 7-layer Mexican dip is always popular with our group.

      As soon as the weather turns cool, we want Buffalo wings.

      Of course, you need lots of popcorn. We pop it at home the old fashioned way, in a pot on the stove, and carry it in a big brown paper bag. Everyone dives in.

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        This may be a stupid question but what is gravlax? Either I have never had it or we call it something different.... Thanks

        1. re: aphayes

          it's just salmon...cured salmon - lox....etc.

      2. Italian Appetizer Squares -
        Greased 9X13 pan
        Crescent roll dough laid flat in bottom
        Layer in sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, roasted red peppers, basil
        Repeat layers
        Top with crescent roll dough
        Beat 4 eggs, add a cup of shredded parmesan, pour over dough
        Bake at 350 til golden - usually about 30-40 minutes.
        Cut in squares and serve warm or cold

        Then change the ingredients to make something else entirely. Enjoy!

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        1. re: AlaskaChick

          Those sound heavenly.... I love to use the cresent roll dough in recipes. Do you use jarred roasted red peppers? Thanks for the recipe! It will be making an appearance at the season opener!

          1. re: aphayes

            These are "boat food" as in take them on the boat cause they travel easily and I'm always asked for the recipe. I do use jarred peppers most of the time but you can change it up anyway you want. I did them with chicken cordon bleu and one with breakfast ingredients.

            If you come up with other ideas - I'd love to hear them.

          2. re: AlaskaChick

            This looks delicious! Does the dough on the bottom cook well? Do you need to use that many eggs? Or do you just baste the top to make it shine?

            1. re: sds

              The dough on the bottom doesn't brown at all but does cook because its fairly thin. The eggs are not just to wash the top but to "glue" it all together so you do want to use a fair amount of them tho I've used 2-3 if I was running low.

              1. re: AlaskaChick

                I would like to make these as well for our tailgating at the AirForce you use more than one pkg of crescent dough - one for the top and one for the bottom?

                1. re: THenderson

                  It does take two pkgs - press one into the bottom and then press the other one out and lay it on top.

            2. re: AlaskaChick

              This may be a silly question but will the center seem "eggy"? My gf doesn't like eggs and foods like quiche.

            3. Although it varies according to the team the Patriots are playing (eg. when we played the Bears last year, I had bear on the menu so we could "eat them for lunch"), my basic menu is:

              Quail (different glazes throughout the season). I get the semi de-boned type so they lie flat on the grill. Sometimes stuffed, sometimes not.

              Andouille sausage.

              Memphis ribs (I currently order the ones from Interstate in Memphis, but Corky's and Rendezvous are good, too).

              Rack of lamb. (Again the seasonings and marinades vary depending on weather, etc.).

              Kobe burgers.


              Other favs I mix in include gumbo, lobster or clam bakes, sea bass, giant scallops.

              It's all good.

              1. I"ll be taking these to the Super Bowl party I am going to this year.

                I use PUFF PASTRY DOUGH cut into triangles using the folds as guide lines. I put JARRED HOT JALEPENOS slices on the bigger portion of the trangle. On top of that I put grated PEPPER JACK CHEESE(just enough to hide the jalepeno) which acts like glue for the meatballs. I take thawed FROZEN MEATBALLS(you can make your own but why bother) and roll them in SRIRACHA HOT SAUCE with GARLIC & ONION POWDERS mixed in and place them on top of the cheese (if meatballs are big cut in half). On the smaller potrion of the triangle, with a little slit, I put a CLOVE OF GARLIC there. Than I sprinkle BLACK PEPPER over and bake on a sprayed sheet pan. The puff pastry will rise and really grab ahold of the toppings.

                I get about 20 to 24 per pastry sheet which come two to a box.
                BEWARE!! They go fast.

                BOLTS Vs COLTS manana
                GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!