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Jul 10, 2007 01:40 PM

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

I heard that a location of this Belgian bakery chain is going to be opened at the York Mills Plaza (York Mills and Bayview). Can anyone confirm?

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  1. That would be awesome if one came here. I was at one in Brussels 3 weeks ago and they have fantastic baked goods. Please let us know if anyone hears anything. Thanks!

    1. Can't confirm that but I know that Première Moisson (Montreal bakery) goods are available at the Dominion at Crawford and College. Their baguetes knock down the current crop of "Vienna " sticks that are so readily available here.

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      1. re: mrbozo

        I was wondering if I was it was Premiere Moisson goods that I saw....neat

        1. re: Lazar

          Are Première Moisson goods available anywhere else in the GTA?

          1. re: foodie_expat

            Yes, I've seen them at some other Dominion locations (Front Street/Church, Major Mackenzie/Bayview). So I assume they are at all, or most Dominion's.

            That makes them the *only* bread that I would buy from their store!

            1. re: tarteaucitron

              They don't have this bread at most Dominions. They don't even have their own premium "Front St Bakery" line at most of their stores.

              I have tried these breads at the Danforth & Vic Park Dominion, where they do have a display. On one occasion, an olive loaf was one of the best breads I have ever eaten. However, they are typically less than stellar.

              The baguettes didn't live up to this bread's reputation. They were much inferior to Ace baguettes and to the "French flour" baguettes sold at Loblaw's. I'd describe them as, mainly, very hard.

              Most of the loaves (we currently have a walnut loaf) seem past their prime at the time of sale. A shame, really. I don't know whether it's just this location.

              1. re: embee

                I've noticed a two day turnover, replacing half the product line each day, and the old ones are sold off at the end of the second day. Some are still OK then, such as walnut or olive.

                1. re: jayt90

                  And that is the best part (the selling off)!

                  I'd sooner eat good quality, stale bread than "fresh from the oven" bread that is inferior.

                  1. re: tarteaucitron

                    I'm pretty sure that they are 'flash frozen'. This is the same thing most bakeries (including Ace) do now.
                    if they're stale it's because the stock hasn't moved - not the journey from Montreal.

            2. re: foodie_expat

              saw it at the newly converted Dominion (now Metro, also from Quebec) at bathurst & lawrence the other day.

        2. I can confirm that Le Pain Quotidien is definitely opening the first of many locations in Toronto in October. The location at York Mills and Bayview will open first, followed shortly thereafter by a location on Eglinton just west of Avenue Rd., in the location vacated recently by Lucie's Kids Cats & Dogs.

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          1. re: edibleTO

            Thanks, Edible. That's authoritative confirmation if there ever was.

            Now, my next question: is my evergrowing excitement about this justified?

            1. re: Fwagra

              It depends - both the food and the atmosphere is great (i've been to locations in Brussels and London), particularly for weekend brunches (I used to love sitting at the communal table on a Sunday with the Sunday Times).

              However, I am a bit surprised by the choice of York Mills/Bayview for the first location in GTA - my impression of the concept would be that it would be located where there would be plenty of pedestrian traffic or an existing "cafe culture" in the neighbourhood (i suppose eglinton / avenue would fit the profile)

              Regardless - good to see them coming to town (just need one to open in my neighbourhood!)

              1. re: Toronto_Ben

                Ben, I don't know where you live, but I do know that the owners of Le Pain Quotidien in Canada are scouting out more locations across the GTA, and plan to branch out across Canada.

                1. re: Toronto_Ben

                  While York Mills/Bayview doesn't have pedestrian traffic, trust me, there is a serious cafe culture of ladies who lunch in that plaza. I am always amazed at how packed that plaza is. The choice is of location is actually pretty savvy -- people with lots of money and plenty of time to spend it.

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    We have such poor choices in our area that this will be a very welcome addition.
                    The location will be very successful.
                    I agree with Toronto Jo very saavy.
                    I am really excited to hear this, as it a favorite light lunch place when I am in Brussels.
                    thanks for the information.

              2. re: edibleTO

                Where did you hear it is to be located at the former Lucie's, edibleTO? I've searched Le Pain Quotidien's website and there does not seem to be mention of that. Looked for confirmation of it elsewhere but to no avail. Just curious where you found out this info...

                1. re: magic

                  ...from the owners of Le Pain Quotidien Canada.

                  1. re: edibleTO

                    Yes! They are opening on Eglinton (between Spadina and Avenue). I just drove by on my way home and saw the signage was up and construction has begun! I am soooo excited as I live a couple of blocks away. When I lived in Brussels, I would go there quite often. I used to pick up a croissant on my way to work at least once a week! Awesome sandwhiches and a warm chevre, walnut and honey salad to die for!! Here's hoping the food tastes just as good as I remember...

                    1. re: bonnebouche

                      don't forget their home made chocolate spread (kicks nuttela's ass...yes you heard it).

              3. Yes, they are coming....
                I can't wait, I've been a regular in NYC...

                and their Chocolate Brownie kicks ass... pardon my French

                I will be there every morning, since I live round the corner of their first location...Bayview/ York Mills
                I just saw the banners up today, it is the former Primrose location, stunning pictures

                1. Any word on an opening date?