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Menchie's Frozen Yogurt?

ganeden Jul 10, 2007 01:33 PM

Any opinions out there? I had heard that some flavors were certified kosher, so it obviously would suit me better from that perspective than a Pinkberry or clone, but having not been to the latters, I was wondering how it compared.

  1. bodie Jul 10, 2007 06:49 PM

    I don't think Menchies is at all comparable with Pinkberry and the many other yogurporiums currently littering the LA landscape.
    It features more regular, sugary ice-cream like flavors - not the tart flavor you get from PB, cF, etc....
    Also, Menchies main concept appears to be self-service. From my limited experience, it seems to appeal to families mostly.
    My problem with self-serve and people, especially kiddies, is that it evokes my germophobia. Really, I only want food-service professionals touching what I intend to consume.

    1. h
      Hapafish Jul 11, 2007 01:28 AM

      Funny I asked the same question on this thread:
      At first I was intrigued by the notion of putting the toppings on yourself (i think i greedily got caught up with the fantasy of a froyo packed with fresh fruit and tasty chocolate morsels since some places can be so stingy) but now I'm getting a little grossed out.

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      1. re: Hapafish
        rebecca527 Jul 17, 2007 10:58 AM

        i'm addicted to menchies and as someone who spends practically every other day with a trip in there during the busiest hours, i see the employees cleaning and watching to make sure people aren't re-using things and being careful - i tend to notice that stuff. it's no different than a salad bar, but it fills my sweet-tooth dreams. also, they have tart flavors in addition to other more fun flavors like coconut, peanut butter, cafe latte, every time i come in they have something new. and i'm still a topping fiend, i always go overboard with that! :)

      2. d
        Diana Jul 11, 2007 06:45 AM

        Does Menchie's have fat free or sugar free or both?

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        1. re: Diana
          ganeden Jul 11, 2007 09:55 AM

          They have both fat free and sugar free, but I believe they only had 1 example of sugar free yesterday, and that was Pina Colada, which my sons had and enjoyed. I had a cup with both Georgia Peach and Original tart, and my daughter had Strawberry. I was impressed with the flavors, but I thought it was expensive, which probably means that even if I could eat it, I wouldn't be a candidate for Pinkberry, which I hear is even more expensive. Be that as it may, I thought the yogurt flavors were very good, and farless sweet than the old-style frozen yogurt. But I liked the "original tart" the best, so I could understand why the Pinkberry concept is so popular now. As to the unsanitary nature of the self-service, I obviously didn't see anything which grossed me out, although I can see how it could happen. But the fact is that just bleeding a little froxrn yogurt down the drain at the beginning, and not touching the cup to the nozzle, would mitigate negative health factors, though I can see how Gummybear might find it off-putting, and I probably would have as well if I had seen it. Bottom line, though, is that I had a good experience, with what I thought was a quality product, though in my opinion the price is too high to habituate me to it. About 2/3 of the flavors were kosher certified products, and many of the toppings were as well, though we didn't use any toppings.

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