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Jul 10, 2007 01:28 PM

Dress code

A couple that I am friends with was in town from LA this weekend. They asked me if there was any restaurant in Austin that you couldn't get into if wearing flip flops. I could not think of one. I said that there are some places I wouldn't wear flip flops to, but I did not know of any places that had a strict dress code.

They were denied admission at a neighborhood place a couple of weeks ago in LA because he was wearing flip flops (though he was wearing them with Jeans and a nice collared shirt)

What restaurants in Austin have dress codes?

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  1. Any self-respecting Austin restaurant does not have a dress code, but I can not speak for all of the recent Dallas imports. I'm sure some of the more upscale restaurants would at least deserve a pair of sneakers, but any 'neighborhood place' shouldn't have a problem with flip flops.

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      I can't think of any with a specific code (like jacket required), though the management at some establishments might frown on overly casual attire. Or rather, some of your fellow diners would!

      Still, I hate to think that the best thing about the Austin dining scene is the freedom to wear flip flops to any restaurant in town. I value deliciousness a lot more than I do "casual dress" codes. The two aren't mutually exclusive, but sometimes it seems that a low-key vibe is what makes certain restaurants so popular. It sure isn't the food.

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        The conversation began with them raving about the perfectly prepared meal they had at Hudson's on the Bend. They were with friends, and they were surprised when they found out that flip flops were ok (they had been at the Lake all day). They enjoyed our fair city and its culinary delights.

    2. Headliners is the only place I know in town that kinda sorta has a dress code. Not sure they would let you in with flip flops. Not really worth going to, though.

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        The Headliner's club does indeed have a dress code, as do the other private clubs in town. If you're invited, don't expect the flip flops to pass muster.

      2. Mikado has a sign on the door that says something about dress code. Can't remember the exact words.....But we've never been turned away........even when my darling boyfriend *accidently* wore his flip flops..........and his shorts...........

        (shame on him)

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          I was in Mikado last night in (respectable) shorts and flip-flops. Well, birkenstocks - not sure if they fall under the flip-flop category or not. Anyway, I wouldn't wear anything else in this weather, and most other diners in there seemed to think the same. The chilean sea bass was par excellence, btw.

          1. re: TAF

            we love Mikado............. the seaweed salad is my fav.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Folks, if you have specific restaurants to recommend (or avoid) for people wearing flip flops, please go ahead and suggest them here. However, we've removed some off topic discussion about dress codes. Please help us keep this board focused on finding great chow. Thanks.