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Jul 10, 2007 01:03 PM

Late lunch deals - Financial District

I recall reading somewhere about there being late lunch deals in the financial district - half price sandwiches, etc., after 2:00pm or so.

As I generally eat a later lunch, seeing if anyone knows about such deals!

I can start with one I've come across - there's a buffet-style food-by-the-pound place near the corner of Pine and Battery called Chez Carla (Yelp profile: They also have sandwiches and soups (never tried). The normal price of the buffet items is around $6/lb, but they cut it in half after 2:00pm. Food is decent, especially at the price. They have a serviceable roast chicken, roasted garlic potatoes, green beans, a little salad bar, a few other things I'm forgetting, and usually a couple rotating hot dishes (a pasta, usually something vegetarian).

Nothing to go out of the way for, but a good standby if working in the area.

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  1. Lightening [sic] Foods is another buffet-by-the-pound place that is half-price after 2pm. There is a location on the second level of Embarcadero and another across the street from the Rincon Center...on the north side.

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      Ha, I would have never known about this place, just got back from grabbing lunch there. Their selection was VERY similar to Chez Carla (only, with more options) - enough so that I initially thought that they may be owned by the same people. Though, once eating, the food here just wasn't as good. Everything was heavily salted, and some things tasted less than fresh (though, perhaps that's my fault, eating the late lunch!),

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        Also, while leaving Lightening, wandered into a bakery across the street - Focaccia, I think. They had a late pastry deal - any 3 for $1.99, with a decent selection left.

    2. Thanks for this info! I often eat lunch very late (I'm eating it now...) and had no idea that these discounted options existed. I'm right around the corner from Chez Carla, so will try that and report back.

      1. I just stopped by Chez Carla at 2:15pm, and they were wiped out. People were walking out the door with their plates loaded, but I was out of luck. I suggest that people arrive promptly at 2pm for the half-price deal, otherwise they may find nothing but empty trays.

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          Yup, I've noticed people seem to have caught on, there's a definite 2pm rush. Even just a month ago or so, there was no such rush . . .