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Jul 10, 2007 12:34 PM

Favourite Calgary Stampede Junk Food

I know this is a site full of users with extremely refined palates who might find this offensive, but I wanted to ask, what's your favourite Calgary Stampede junk food?

The only reason I go to the grounds these days is for Those Little Donuts and a corn dog. Also, in Weadickville, the Weston's bakery sells these pepperoni sticks wrapped in dough and baked with cheese. They are deliciously artery-clogging. Speaking of which, the worst offender I saw last year was at McCain Fry Town across from Nashville North, where they had deep-fried battered triangles of macaroni and cheese! We tried them, and they may merit a return visit.

Even the world's top chefs get spotted at McD's or BK once in awhile. So come on, tell us what your favourite Stampede junk food is; your secret is safe with us...

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  1. i also enjoy the corn dogs and mini donuts!! also the root beer, i only drink root beer at A & W and the fair!!

    i'm very curous about the deep-fried mac & cheese, that sounds like a very good idea...

    1. The deep fried mac & cheese is good, but doesn't really hold a candle to the deep fried mashed potato bites that you can get at Arby's (do I have to turn in my membership for admitting to going to Arby's?). At the McCain Fry Town a couple of years ago, I quite enjoyed some deep fried teriyaki green beans. The nice thing too, was there was a small beer garden that sat adjacent to the Fry shack so you could enjoy your crispy treats with a cold ceaser or bud. Yum Yum.

      That same year I think I highly offended the Bic pickle girl when I jokingly suggested that her pickle stand was likely the slowest concession on the concourse. It didn't make matters better when I tried to make it up to her by asking if anyone ever took their pickles to the corndog place to be a veggie corndog...(I don't think she even responded to that).

      My absolute favorite Stampede food however are the Mitchel's Concessions foot-longs with the slightly burnt onions and green peppers. Mitchel's were based out of my childhood home in Brandon, and I have such fond memories of going to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair for the express purpose of getting one of those dogs....

      feuerzeug: the corner store in Sunnyside, across from the school on 7th, has been known to sell those pepperoni stick in a cheese-bun concoctions from time to time...and I have been known to eat one from time to time...and even approximate said delicacy on a campfire with hot-rods and bannock from time to time as well...

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      1. re: KcM

        Too bad about the Bic girl - fried pickles are tasty, and would've sold better!
        My favorite are the mini donuts. Funny how they don't taste the same outside the farmers market, or at events like the folkfest/fringe.

        Anyone tried the deep-friend coke this year?

        1. re: KcM

          Mmmmm, fried onions... They also put them on the bratwurst at that little German sausage shack at the grounds; I forget the name of it. But you always see those onions on the well-seasoned grills at the fairgrounds.

          I will check out that bakery, but I actually made those pepperoni thingys at home for our Christmas party last year. I just bought some peps, and some of that canned Pilsbury dough, wrapped them up, sprinkled with cheddar, and baked until golden. Very easy, so good, and a huge hit at the party.

        2. Put me down for the mini-donuts too but they have the shortest shelf life possible. They die somewhere about 10 mins after being pulled from the fat. Maybe the fat is the secret? I'm guessing it's much less clean ( I just can't say dirtier) than the oil in machines at other events.

          I tried a funnel cake last year because some people rave about them. That may be the first time my usually cast iron stomach has sent me a warning. It refused to handle another bite.

          I saw them make deep fried Coke on Breakfast TV and it looked suspiciously like the funnel cake so I'll pass.

          1. Hey, some of us aren't extremely refined palates, we just know what kind of food we like. And one of my faves (along with Those Little Donuts, of course) is the Dole Whip. It's a pineapple-flavoured dessert like soft-serve ice cream, and I've only ever seen it in one stand; they set up every year near the north end of the bridge from Erlton (by the pizza place and the south end of the skyway; that general area). There's just something about it that makes my Stampede complete. Particularly on hot years like this one.

            At the other end of the enjoyment spectrum, I had a corn dog. Once. Well, about a third of a corn dog; the garbage can looked so hungry I had to share. I just don't get the hype on that one, y'all.

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            1. re: ByeByeBaby

              corn dogs are better in theory than in practice. I ditched my last one too.

              Finally off to the grounds today!

              1. re: John Manzo

                ... I'm back, and I had the deep fried mac 'n' cheese- it was actually pretty good. I also had a decent espresso from Cheyenne Coffee Company (this was a very welcome surprise) in the big four bldg, and I had an excellent gyro (if light for $7).

              2. re: ByeByeBaby

                i forgot about the dole whip....that stuff is great!! i first had it in hawaii when i was a kid.

                how come i can't make fried onions taste as good as when i get them out somewhere?!

                1. re: ByeByeBaby

                  Pineapple Dole Whip! I was hoping it didn't count as junk food. Pineapple = fruit = possibly healthy? I've tried to explain to friends the unique deliciousness of pineapple soft serve but usually they just ask, "Isn't it just kinda like a pineapple sundae?" No, it's not.

                2. I had a "Beef Sundae" (near the rodeo ticket windows). It was a little bit like shepherd's pie, but not as delicious as the bannock tacos they sell outside The Indian Village.