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MSP Liver and Onions

Any recommendations on where I can get some good liver and onions? Thanks.

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  1. Auugh, the search function is failing me. There was a similar discussion way back in the foggy mists of time, but too long ago to come up as a result.

    I seem to remember one tidbit that The Lexington in St. Paul has it but it's not on the menu. Without a thread to verify that, it might be worth calling to find out.

    1096 Grand Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55105
    Phone: (651) 222-5878

    1. Hmmm...Google turns up three places I've never heard of. Do these restaurants even exist any more?


      And Continental Pantry--http://citypages.com/databank/17/812/... Is this place even open any more?

      And the Monte Carlo Bar and Cafe.


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        Curran's definitely still exists - I live very close to there. I've never been but noticed that the parking lot was packed this Sunday.

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          Interesting. I swear I saw it at Mancini's in St. Paul recently, but it's not on their online menu that I could see. http://www.mancinis.com/menu.htm I certainly have never tried it there...


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            I would steer people away from Curran's. Food service, pre-made stuff. I ordered the hash once - it was right out of the can. It's a lot like a Perkins. Some of the menu items are homier than Perkins, but the preparation style is the same.

            If you are really jonesing for liver, and that's all that comes up, it might hit the spot for you. Otherwise, I'd say steer clear.

            Curran's Family Restaurant
            4201 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409

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            I was going to suggest the Monte Carlo, but hesitated because it was many years ago that I was there and ate, for the first and last time in my life, liver and onions. The people I was with said it was a great rendition. It was good enough to make me momentarily forget all the bad olfactory associations from childhood I've retained for the dish. But caveat omnivore...that was, as I said, seven or more years ago.

            I think the Continental Pantry (which was run by a fascinating couple of men, who I think served as the inspiration for one of Jonis Agee's short stories) is now the Glockenspiel Restaurant, on the corner of West 7th and Michigan.

          3. You can't get good liver/onions/bacon in these towns. You have to go to Pandls in Milwaukee to get the great stuff (grilled). Do what I do - when my wife is out of town on business, I just make it myself, and it is wonderful.

            1. I don't know why I'm doing this - I detest liver....

              Places mentioned so far:

              Lexington Restaurant
              1096 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

              Mancinis Char House
              531 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55102

              Monte Carlo Bar & Cafe
              219 3rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401

              Pandl's In Bayside
              8825 N Lake Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53217

              1. It been a while since I’ve been there, but the Cherokee Sirloin Room on Smith just across from downtown St. Paul used to do a great liver and onions. Nice thick cut piece of liver, cooked to your doneness. I just checked their web site and i don’t see it on the menu, but it might be worth a call. Maybe they have it as a special. Let us know if you find someplace you like. I love liver, even when it’s overcooked they way most places seem to do it. And when you can find a nice piece cooked medium or medium rare..... Heaven.

                Uncle Ira

                1. Key's Cafe (in Woodbury at least) has it on the menu and it's pretty good. The Machine Shed (Inwood/Radio Drive exit off 94) also does a nice job with it.

                  1. I had a lovely rendition of liver and onions at Nye's Polonaise Room a few years ago. It is worth calling to see if it is still on the menu, but I suspect it would because it is the sort of place where the menu has probably not changed in 40 years. Incidently, it can be hard to make this dish at home for yourself because all of the veal liver gets sold to restaurants. I once asked at Lunds and at my local butcher and couldn't manage to acquire any. I know veal is sort of evil, but it really is the ideal for liver because the livers of older animals tends to be much more chewy and stronger in flavor. What you can buy at even the high end grocery stores is something called baby beef liver.

                    Here's how the USDA distinguishes the baby beef and veal:

                    "Baby beef" and "calf" are 2 interchangeable terms used to describe young cattle weighing about 700 pounds that have been raised mainly on milk and grass. The meat cuts from baby beef are smaller; the meat is light red and contains less fat than beef. The fat may have a yellow tint due to the vitamin A in grass.

                    "Veal" is meat from a calf which weighs about 150 pounds. Those that are mainly milk-fed usually are less than 3 months old. The difference between "veal" and "calf" is based on the color of their meat, which is determined almost entirely by diet. Veal is pale pink and contains more cholesterol than beef.

                    1. Just an update on this. It's not in the Twin Cities, but Coffee Cup Cafe in Becker, MN (en route to St. Cloud from the Twin Cities) has it on their menu. Judging by the rest of the menu, I'll bet it's fantastic, though I haven't tried it.


                      Also, the new Blackbird Cafe has fried liver salad on their menu! http://www.chowhound.com/topics/424656 I don't know how close that comes to hitting the mark for you.


                      1. Weird, I was just at the Monte Carlo with a friend this week and he got the liver and onions. He liked it and I tasted it as well and thought it was quite well done. He got it medium and it was pretty tasty.

                        1. Resurrecting this thread to note that, per Rick Nelson's column in today's Star Tribune, the LandMarc restaurant at the Normandy Hotel has liver & onions.

                          Haven't tried it, so can't tell you if it's any good. But it comes with a side of Michael Morse... :)

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                              A character in the local restaurant scene. Rick describes him pretty accurately in his article, but doesn't name where he worked between Une Deux Trois and LandMarc. Perhaps to avoid hinting that his stints at the old Levain & Au Reboirs were as brief as they were colorful?


                          1. Bennett's Chop and Railhouse on W. 7th in St. Paul. I didn't try them, but they are definitely on the menu.


                            Bennett's seems to have pretty decent nightly specials, too. Classic supper club, with a lively bar and a neighborhoody, working class atmosphere. http://www.bennettschopandrailhouse.com


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                              Bennett's is pretty reasonable with their prices especially if your a family on a budget. The gf, kid and I all ate pretty good food and under $20.00. Mitch's chop salad is to die for. The chicken kiev is also very good. They even do a decent Juicy lucy. Really nice people too. I once ordered a burger from them on a sunday morning when the kitchen was closed and they were happy to do it.

                            2. Back in the day, Gannons had the best. Now, Murray's?????