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New, so new

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Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato is probably so new it didn't make the list of fro-yo and ice cream shops recently covered in the LA Times so I have to say it here that it is indeed the best I've had! I was at the Manhattan Beach farmers market a week or so ago where I overheard two guys talking to a vendor about the mangos and the gelato they were going to make with them. I ended up chatting with the ice cream maker -- Chef Donald --who gave me a coupon for a free treat. I went in yesterday and sampled about 8 different flavors finally settling on the caramel brownie ice cream. They even drizzled their own homemade caramel over it. The texture was so clean and the brownies so moist. It was amazing. The grapefruit sorbet was also excellent. The sample I had made my mouth water. They also have fresh squeezed grapefruit juice which I am a huge fan of. It's obvious this place demands top notch ingredients for their products!! Yummers!

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      Appears to be a Colorado-based company, but from their website:

      Manhattan Beach,California
      1605 N. Sepulveda Boulevard 90266
      (Sepulveda and 17th Street, next to Firestone)