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Jul 10, 2007 11:33 AM

My Hero Windsor Terrace sandwich shop

We have all been waiting months and months for this shop to open in our weirdly underserved corner of Brooklyn, and it finally has! I'm sitting and eating my first sandwich from there and I must say, it's delightful. A nice Italian style hero on seeded semolina: ham, genoa, pepperoni, prosciuto, delicious crunchy fired eggplant (they MAKE the sandwich), red peppers, L,T, The meat is Boars Head for better or worse, but they put it all together nicely. Doing a brisk business considering where it is (19th St & 11th Ave, hard by the Prospect Expy). I look forward to trying their chicken cutlet, meatballs and sausage & pepper hero on later visits. So come to the hood, grab a hero and take it across the street to Cutie Park for a little picnic. Just make sure you dispose of your trash properly. This is my neighborhood we're talkin about here!

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  1. I will give it a try. I wondered when someone was going to open a hero shop after that store on 10th Ave between 19th Street and McDonald Ave. closed a few years back.

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    1. re: bigmackdaddy

      There was a hero shop on 10 between 19th and McD? Must have been before my time. I hope more things open up in the hood. We sure could use it.

      1. re: HankyT

        Right off the 10th Ave/11th Ave exit of the Prospect Expy heading towards Church Ave. I think it was open up until four years ago(?) I believe a furniture store is in its place.

      2. re: bigmackdaddy

        Just wish they could have rescued the big triangular hero sign from the old McDonald Ave. place...maybe it's sitting up there on the roof.

        Anyway, should be good for the new W-T immigrants at the "Simone" complex.

      3. i live right next door and have waited months for this place to open. and i must admit, it was worth the wait. try the brooklyn bridge hero, it's excellent