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Jul 10, 2007 11:28 AM

Jersey Mike's, Austin

I can't figure out why no one has posted on Jersey Mike's subs.

They are as good as any sub I have ever had, if not the best I've ever had. The Italian Super Sub is what I judge by and it is outstanding. The meats and cheeses are sliced to order, they don't lay around getting dried out. All of the veggies and condiments look and taste fresh, the bread, as well. Even if they use dry oregano, I think that's to be expected at a sub shop. The recommended way to order is "Mike's Way" which is onion, lettuce, tomoato, vinegar, oil and spices. I order Mike's way plus easy mayo and banana peppers.

All around, it's tangy and delicious sandwich full of fresh ingredients. If any one wants to check it out, there is one at Gateway and one at Volente (620 and Anderson Mill). I would love to hear other inputs becuase I seriously love this and have not heard any buzz on this board at all.

By the way, prior to this, Saccone's provided my fave in Austin. However, I think Saccone's sub bread is far too large for the sandwich.

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  1. I've had Jersey Mike's and I think it's inferior to Hog Island Deli. It's been awhile, but I think I was less than impressed with the bread. I also preferred the now defunct Hickory Honey Hams sub to Jersey Mike's. You may find more discussion about it on the chains board, though.

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      I knew I would have a hurdle to jump because it is a chain. I think that they are locally owned because they have their own website and, from what I can tell, no other locations do... just the corporate site. However, I'm not interested in chains around the country, just the most delicious Super Sub type Italian sandwich in the Austin area. I really don't think there are many to choose from.

      I love the Cheesesteak at Hog Island (consider it number 1) but have yet to pass it up to try a cold sub and I don't remember Hickory Honey Hams.

    2. I agree - I think Jersey Mike's are pretty darn good. They're both pretty inconvenient for me, so I don't go there very often, but their ingredients are indeed fresh and good, and I like the vinegar-and-oil dressing. I go to Hog Island much more lately, 'cause it's closer, and I do like their bread better, but Jersey's isn't bad - better than most. Good ratio of bread to fillings, flavors that remind me of the subs I grew up eating on the east coast.

      1. Stick to their core sandwiches. I ordered the reuben once and nearly vomited. It was the worst sandwich i've ever had. i think it's been removed from the menu thankfully.

        1. Don't know if it was mentioned here, but Saccone's was gutted by a fire over a week ago.

          And I think Jersey Mike's is easily one of the best chains around. I like Hog Island, but my HEB is in the same strip at the 620 Jersey Mike's. Location, location, location.