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Jul 10, 2007 11:25 AM

Romantic Dinner for Young Couple

My son is in the Navy based in Bangor and just returned from his first tour on the USS Maine submarine. While he was deployed, he missed his first wedding anniversary. I would like to treat he and his precious wife to a romantic dinner in Seattle. They enjoy all fish, but would not like a "stuffy" atomosphere. I think a place with a lovely view would be great. Help please.

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  1. Rays would fit the bill with the view and has a romantic but not to stuffy atmosphere. If the view is not as important, Cush would be a very good option

    Ray's Boathouse Restaurant
    6049 Seaview Ave., Seattle, WA 98107

    2319 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112

    1. i'd go for cafe's not in seattle proper, it's on the eastside, but the garden is beautiful in the summer. the food is amazing, and one of the most enjoyable dining experiences around.

      1. Ray's is the place. No view at the very good Crush.

          1. Another vote for Ray's.