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Jul 10, 2007 11:08 AM

passion fruit alert

There was a discussion some time ago about the availability in T.O.
I love Passion Fruit (not sure why).
I have tried purchasing decent passion fruit here, to no avail.
I had given up throwing out money on something that always ended up in the garbage.
Yesterday at T&T I chanced upon the golden and red Passion Fruit which I have rarely seen here.
Bought half a dozen, and they were delicious, and very fresh.

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  1. Is the red passion fruit, the same as the purple ones? I like them too.

    They have been available mostly from Columbia and Brazil in the last few years. I have seen them fairly often in places like Fiesta Farms, Rui Gomes and other grocery stores that sell to Latam and Portuguese customers. If you like soft drinks, try passion fruit Sumol.

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    1. re: mikeb

      No, I actually prefer the purple because of the smaller seeds, especially the Southeast Asian variety, but have not once gotten a decent one in Toronto.
      Many types of Passion Fruit originated in Brazil.
      I have occasionally found the gold and red before, but these were the freshest and juciest that I have encountered.

    2. Thanks, erly, I've never tried a passion fruit. I never know when these tropical fruit are in season and at their best so I never buy them. I never really liked mango until my Tiawanese neighbour gave me a bag of the little yellow ones that were perfectly ripe.

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      1. re: crawfish

        I can only assume you're talking about Ataulfo mangoes, which are, by far, my favourite. They're very low fibre so when ripe, the texture is creamy like butter and the taste deliciously sweet. They've ruined me for all other mangoes.

        They can be purchased at both Chinatowns, but it is hard to find them at the proper stage of ripeness or to bring them there yourself without degrading the flavour, I've found.

        1. re: vorpal

          Don't ask me WHY this works (pass down from generations, ha), but if you leave unripen fruits in the dark along with some rice (e.g., just throw your mango into the rice bag and store in the dark), the ripening process will be greatly shortened. In few days, you can have yourself a delicious, low fibre, creamy Ataulfo mango!

          NEVER leave the fruits in the fridge to ripen~

          The purple passion fruit is in season right now in asia, so you might want to hit up chinatown often for the next few weeks if you want to stock up. They taste equally delicious even when the fruit appears to be all dried up (flavour actually gets more intense when the outside looks all wrinkly), enjoy!

          1. re: oohlala

            since we are now discussing mangos as well as passion fruit, I was wondering about the availability of Indian mangos in the GTA.
            A friend sent me a case in mid June, and couldn't believe that they cleared customs.
            They were delicious.
            I rarely go to Little India.
            Does anyone know if they are available there?

            1. re: erly

              Yes... they have yellow mangoes of a type whose name I can't remember. (Alphonso, I think?) They're typically very high quality, coming five in a special box at several stores in the Indian Bazaar for between $10 - $15. Usually nicely ripe and tasty. I prefer the Ataulfos myself as I find the Alphonsos to be of a much higher fibre content, but they are still a lovely treat.

              They may also have loose mangoes available, but I'm not sure. I haven't shopped too extensively there.

              1. re: erly

                If you are asking about Alphonso mangoes, the season runs from April to June. There are no Indian mangoes available now.

              2. re: oohlala

                Thanks for the tip! I can't wait to try this out... the thought of being able to enjoy ripe Ataulfo mangoes more often has me drooling with delight!

                1. re: vorpal

                  many markets on spadina near dundas also have the yellow mangos right now - perfectly ripe and various prices (higher the quality higher the price, some 3 for $5, then 4 for $5 or 5 for $5)

                  1. re: shana

                    vorpal, you are obviously a mango maven!
                    I checked the name on the crate and the name was "Devgad Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango.
                    These mangos had very little fibre, and could almost be eaten like a papaya.
                    Had a houseful of guests in June, so they were disposed of very quickly
                    However, I am going to try the Ataulfo because you know your mangos.

                    1. re: erly

                      Thank you :-). Mangoes are definitely my favourite fruit, although I love many different tropical fruits in general.

                      I would love to hear what you think! Hopefully you can find some nicely ripe ones... the underripe Ataulfos can be disappointing if you're used to the Alphonsos, I would imagine.