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Jul 10, 2007 11:01 AM

Vietnamese comes to Turnersville, NJ

Taste of Saigon just opened at 279-!, Egg Harbor Road. We had the appetizer sampler (2 Spring rolls, 2 Crazy Chicken, 2 Nam Nuong, and 2 Pumpkin turnovers). The husband had Basil Chicken, while I had the Pho Saigon. Finally Pho in South Jersey! They have Chicken Pad Thai on the lunch menu, which also includes Saigon style hot sour soup. The two desserts are Flan, and Red Rice with coconut milk. Drinks include Rainbow Ice, French hot or iced coffee, Fresh Coconut, Thai iced tea. We sampled the Lime Iced tea and it alone was worth the trip! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. Good to know there is another Vietnamese place here in S. Jersey. If you like pho, you should try Pho Eden on Springdale Road in Cherry Hill. No atmosphere, BYOB, but excellent pho and Vietnamese specialties. I've been going there regularly since they opened a few years back. Oh, and their food is strictly Vietnamese. You won't find Pad Thai on the menu; that is served by the Thai restaurant 3 doors away in the same shopping center (Little Thai Kitchen).