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Jul 10, 2007 10:55 AM

Chinese Bakery in TO that sells steamed buns?

My sister-in-law will be coming from FL and she wants to find these big Chinese steamed buns that have ground pork, chinese sausage and egg in it? Any recommendations on which bakeries have them and which are the best ones? She will be staying in Markham/Scarborough, but we don't mind going to Chinatown for it.

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  1. There is a new(ish) place on Broadview, south of Gerrard in Chinatown East - cheap ones. My favourite is the one in First Canadian Place in the PATH. It's located near the Kitchen Table, there.

    1. With all those 3 things in the bun together? I've not noticed anything like that downtown.

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        The ones rub_a_dub_dub mentions are called (to my knowledge) "dai bao", or simply large buns. And they are certainly very rare, even in Markham/Scarborough dim sum places. In fact, I don't think I've seen one in a few years.

      2. In Markham, there are lots of Chinese bakeries, some of them within supermarkets eg T & T at Warden, N or Steeles or Oriental Supermarket at Denison and Kennedy has a pretty good (and cheap bakery) that sells steamed buns with different fillings eg BBQ pork, Shanghainese style, pork & veg and some others. One of these has hard boiled egg in it, maybe the Cantonese buns, if memory serves me right.

        1. If you're near McCowan and Finch (Woodside Mall), there are two or three Chinese bakeries that offer a variety of steamed buns.

          If you're willing to venture downtown to Dundas St, my (Chinese) wife swears by "Kim Moon Bakery".

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            The buns at the bakeries at Woodside are baked, not steamed. There is a dimsum shop inside Market Village (Kennedy/Steeles) that sells big fresh hot steamed buns.

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              the dimsum shop in market village has steamed buns with bbq pork, chicken, or sweet lotus baste. no pork and leek like the t&t ones.

          2. I love these buns, I usually buy 6 and eat them throughout the week. Best place to find these would be Tung Hing Bakery. There are 2 locations in Chinatown east, one at 674 Gerrard St east and 349 1/2 Broadview ave. They usually have 2 types of steamed buns, the bigger ones are what you're looking for.

            Tung Hing
            674 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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              Agreed, I get mine at the Broadview location, and a couple other bakeries near there also sell them.

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                I'm a big fan of Tung Hing's "big buns" (hmmm...dunno if i like the sound of that now that i've written it). Lots of juicy ground pork, sweetly translucent onion, chinese mushroom and sweet sausage, and the hard-boiled egg, natch! I really enjoy the fact that every bite tastes completely different yet works with all the other flavours that precede and follow...had one yesterday and it was very tasty...not bad for $1.20