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Jul 10, 2007 10:42 AM

Cape May

We will be in Cape May next Tuesday & Wednesday, leaving on Thursday. Any recommendations for lunch and dinner would be appreciated. Price is not an issue, but we don't really want to get dressed up. We eat pretty much anything. Thanks.

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  1. I would suggest 410 Bank St for dinner

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      You'll prob get alot of mixed reviews for 410 (its exp and i think BYOB) but good. Try outside Lobster House dock (inside nothing special), the Chalfonte, Merion Inn, and/or restaurant at the Inn @ Cape May, also Godmothers. Obviously CrabHouse is out (still closed due to deck collapse, unless they reopn by next week).

    2. Just came back from our first trip to Cape May last week. Dined at The Washington Inn, Ebbitt Room and Tisha's. Both Washington Inn and Ebbitt Room were very good, though I prefer Washington Inn for its more casual atmosphere; you may have to dress up more than you'd like to for Ebbitt Room. No real complaints about Tisha's, decent dinner, just not somewhere I feel the need to return to. Merion Inn and 410 are on my agenda for my next trip. We did meet someone who has been to Cape May many times, and they highly recommended a place call La Veranda (if I remember correctly).

      1. The Merion Inn gets my vote for a pre-dinner cocktail...I can't recommend it for dinner as the quality of the food seems to vary. An excellent, casual place for lunch is A Ca Mia...pick up a bottle of wine and enjoy lunch/people-watching at one of the outdoor tables.

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          A thumbs up from me for Merion Inn. I was there last season and enjoyed it greatly. Reserve a window table, you wont' be sorry.
          How about Gecko? Is it still open? (that location seems to change hands a lot)
          I love The Lobster House because I've been going since I was a kid. While I think the restaurant is unremarkable and rather pricey, I do enjoy the deck take-out, the lounge/bar and the Schooner. I think it's a don't miss when in Cape May since it is such an institution.
          And, does anyone NOT get Louisa's like me? Was there once and while the fish was fresha and simply prepared, nothing else seemed to take any chef experience to make. For example, I had "thai noodles" or something the like. Essentially noodles with a peanut sauce. Could have and do make far better myself. The sides were so simple that it was ridiculous.
          The Mad Batter is a must for breakfast. I like dinner there too, but others might disagree. I've heard they have the best crabcakes ( from others staying at the same bnb as we did) and plan to sample myself when we go in Sept.

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            Agree with Mad Batter. We've stayed at their inn several times over the years, most recently Thanksgiving. Guests rec' a free breakfast each morning and a 30% discount on dinner. Great value.

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              thanks everyone - i'll report back.

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              I was in Cape May yesterday and I couldn't find Gecko's. Perhaps a local can tell us if it's still open.