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Jul 10, 2007 10:38 AM

Where should we eat in Little Tokyo?

My friend & I are going to be down there on Saturday. We're both foodies, esp. Asian food. Where do you recommend we go?
Btw, we'll be going to Scoops afterwards for some ice cream...I'm so excited!!!!!!

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  1. Izayoi
    132 S. Central Avenue
    Little Tokyo

    I think you can still legally park in the guarded parking lot in front shared by Office Depot.

    This is an izakaya, so you can try lots of different items...enjoy!

    You didn't mention lunch or dinner, so please call ahead for their Saturday hours.

    1. I would have recommended Hamakawa, but apparently they've been bought and turned into (yet another) sushi place.

      Unless they're going to challenge some of the top sushi places, I really don't see the need for another run of the mill sushi place in J-Town.

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        Thanks for the suggestions so far. Any chance anyone knows of a great ramen place?

        1. re: sunnygordy

          Daikokuya is probably the one that gets mentioned the most. Just avoid Mr. Ramen at all costs.

          If you like your ramen soup super-super rich, and aren't afraid of clogging an artery or two, go for "kotteri". The one time I ordered it, it looked like pork fat boba.