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Jul 10, 2007 10:30 AM

Romantic Birthday Lunch and Dinner

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he has to work on his special day. SO I'm thinking to take him out for a relaxing, romantic lunch somewhere near where he works (Columbus Circle) and then some other fabulous place for dinner. Now, I'm not a rich girl but I've been mulling places - lunch at Nougatine and then dinner at L'Ecole in Soho (the prix fixe dnner). But these are just ideas. Does anyone know of any spot that might be an interesting birthday lunch in the midtown area (is 21 any good for lunch?) and somewhere else for a birthday dinner - anywhere - Manhattan - Brooklyn (I started to think The Good Fork) - Queens.


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  1. I wouldn't recommend L'Ecole. Food isn't great, and the service leaves a lot to be desired--not ideal for a special occasion. Some of the romantic restaurants I like at a lower price point are Crispo, Little Owl, Upstairs (cramped though), August, and Apizz.

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      Thank you - I haven't been to it and this is the type of dinner that I don't want lousy service/ food (not that there's a time we desire it!)
      I'm going to check those places you mentioned out.