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Jul 10, 2007 10:28 AM

financial district happy hour that doesn't SUCK!

can anyone give some recommendations for a good happy hour deal in the Financial District / Battery Park City that isn't swarming with traders or frat boys and has good food to boot?! i know it's a tall order, but I'm dyin down here!!

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  1. Go for Jeremys Ale House at the seaport. No traders there and super fresh seafood and huge beers that are always ice cold and cheap. Not much of an atmosphere but who cares its happy hour.

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      1. re: elizabeththinks

        i have been to Jeremy's---was fun and the beers were BIG! anything a little nicer that you can think of?

    1. You are out of luck. Why not take a 10 minute train ride to Soho/Nolita?

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        really?! do you work or live down here? if you can suggest something specific for a good happy hour in Soho/Nolita, i'm all ears. was hoping for something Sapa-esque...

        1. re: carrottop

          i happen to like the full shilling on pearl (i think) for happy hour. and i find their burger to be incredible, one of my favorites in the city (along with their fresh cut fries).

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            I would recommend Nelson Blue--Aussie place on Front Street, Pound and Pence, anywhere on Stone Street

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              Yea, ok - it's exactly the type of place the guy is trying to avoid. If you are into suits, then already go to Ulysses, at least it's outdoors and serves REAL burgers.

              1. re: nokitsch

                apologies was going off the above listed Jeremy's which is also null and void on that criteria. Pound and Pence is in a large space, it has a varied crowd, but it isn't as in your face and the crowd dissipates quickly.

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                  Actually, I was addressing jon :-)

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                    this isnt a burger thread per se, but i dont like the burger at ulysses and i happen to think the full shilling burger is fantastic. maybe full shilling is filled with suits, but there isnt much down here that isnt. just another option in a sea of pretty lame happy hour bars.

            2. re: carrottop

              I have worked in the financial district (different parts of it) for 10 years, and I haven't had a single good after work hang out, so I always either go to Tribeca, or Soho/Nolita (or Village). I'm a work-on-Wall St.-purely-for-the-paycheck kind of guy - I wouldn't be caught dead there if I had another way of making decent money.

              There are plenty of places in those areas I mention, fun and at the same time unpretentious, but now that I think about it I don't know any that are happy-hour specific (meaning cheaper drinks from 5-7). Maybe post a separate thread?

              Otherwise, I like Vol-de-Nuit - a Belgian beer/fries/mussels place on West.4. It's good now, because the NYU crowd went home for the summer. I like Petite Abelle and Edwards in Tribeca, they are next door to each other - a good beer and a burger always available. In Soho, I like N (pronounced En-ya) - excellent sangria and tapas.

          2. Although you'll see suits there on a nice day it's tough to beat South by Southwet - not for the prices or for the quality but for the view of the river. There really aren't any places to avoid the trader scene in the Wall St. area after work so I agree, hop on the subway - get off at Spring and just walk around until you find a place of your liking - tons of spots right off that stop from a dive like the Spring St. Lounge to upscaleish like Barolo.

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            1. re: wingman

              thanks everyone! ended up at Fraunces Tavern actually and was cool--at $3 per draft until 6pm. i know of the other places you mentioned in neighboring hoods and they are all fine...just was hoping for something down here!

              thanks again--

            2. Trinity Place is a nice little bar. I've been for Happy Hour twice and the food was delish with a good bartender. It seemed a bit older of a crowd (late 30s-early 40s) but I don't know if it's like that all the time. Southwest is great this time of year. The rooftop bar at the Ritz is cool and the Marriott bar is not bad either. Divine Bar was not bad either (not sure if it's still open - it's been awhile.) Some very cool little bars north of the Seaport and definitely not WS or frat boy. I can't remember names but we were walking down up from J Crew in the Seaport. I was amazed at how many there were.

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                great--that's more of what i'm talking about ; ) thanks for the tips!!

              2. You could try Fresh Salt (Beekman). Less suits than Jeremy's (frat house ambience), Bin 220 (upscale), or Nelson Blue (NOT my kind of scene). I like Meade's but on Thursday-Friday, might be more suits. Ryan MacGuire's (pub-ish) on Cliff Street is nice, a few suits, mostly locals.