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Jul 10, 2007 10:28 AM

Easy sockeye salmon recipes?

I bought a beautiful piece of sockeye this morning to serve for dinner. My plan was to grill it outside, but I just realized I am out of gas. It's 100 here today, so I don't want to turn on the oven. Any good suggestions for preparing this stovetop? I found a recipe on foodtv for a seared salmon with balsamic glaze; would love some other flavorful suggestions.

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  1. I think seared is actually my favorite way to cook salmon - I like the little bit of crust you get. I just season the fish with salt and pepper, preheat the pan, add a bit of oil (usually a mix of olive and canola) and cook on each side for a few minutes (depending on how thick it is). I recently made seared salmon with lots of black pepper, then removed it from the pan and made a pan sauce with white wine, lemon, chives, capers and a little bit of butter - not very original, but very tasty.

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      that sounds good... and simple. Plus, I have all those ingredients at home. Almost like a salmon Piccata. Thanks.

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        I took you suggestion and made the salmon to your suggestion. Very delicious, and ready in minutes. Thanks

      2. If I'm not cooking Copper River or Yukon River salmon, I usually grind together black pepper and cumin, mix in some kosher salt, and heavily crust the salmon. Sear on crust side, then flip and sear on skin side. That's it. Everyone I've served it to has loved it, including me.

        1. Sear or poach and serve with a mayo/Dijon mustard/'tarragon/caper sauce. Blanched asparagus and fried sweet potato as sides.

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            this suggestions sounds wonderful as well. I'll try it next time, as I have salmon pretty often. Thanks

          2. If you ever have a piece of salmon and a passionfruit at the same time, the passionfruit pulp is just the right balance of sweet and sour. I just squeeze it over the fish while it's pan searing.

            1. I love the Nobu miso glaze for cod on the salmon. I cook the salmon until it's rare in the middle.