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Jul 10, 2007 10:18 AM

San Diego/La Jolla restaurant recommendations

My husband and I are staying in La jolla (we live in San Francisco) for 4 days including a weekend. We're looking for fun, not over-the-top restaurants to go to - all cuisines are ok, would love unusual ambience, out-of-the-way places as well. Please also include a few kid-friendly spots - we'll be dining at least twice with friends who have kids under 3.

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  1. My standard La Jolla recs:

    Girard Gourmet - Good for sandwiches and pastries. Homemade bread, homemade desserts. Owned by Belgian family, top notch stuff but quite reasonable. Long lines at times. Get your food to go, and take it down the street to the park at La Jolla Cove. You won't be sorry.

    El Pescador Fish Market - Miniscule dining area in a fish market, but really fresh fish and great sandwiches.

    Neither of those are especially kid friendly dining spots. For that, I'd suggest Sammy's Woodfired Pizza on Pearl St and Draper. It's decent food, and a kid-friendly environment.

    1. Tapenade, Jack's Formal Dining Room, Nine-Ten--all very good, on the more formal side and not kid-friendly. I haven't made it to George's newly renovated dining room and menu yet, although if you go, the downstairs formal dining room typically had the best menu and food.

      Piatti's at La Jolla Shores is moderately priced and more kid-friendly, especially the outdoor patio.