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Jul 10, 2007 10:11 AM

Arthur Bryant's: One Chance, What to Eat?

Hi all--

Gonna be in KC for a short time, and I'm going to Arthur Bryant's, partially for the food, partially for the history, but I'm set on that place. Having said that, if this is my one and only time there, what should I have? Ribs? Pulled pork? Burnt end sandwich?

I know I'll get fifty opinions (or I hope so, anyway), but I'd love to hear all of them.


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  1. I'd say a pulled pork sandwich. It's my favorite, enough food to feed like three people, seriously. But I've had good turkey and chicken too. Follow this thread:

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    1. re: lwoerther

      I recommend that you get a sandwich. They are rather large and very filling. I have tried all the meat and find them comparable. Nothing really jumps out. I would go with whatever meat you like.

    2. Brisket sandwich w/o sauce. Sauce it yourself at the table.

      1. Yeah, I think if you get ribs, pulled pork, an a burnt end sandwich that would be a good start.

        But if I could only get one item, it would be as steveb describes below, brisket sandwich, sauce on the side. I would add on a half slab of ribs or a 1/2 lb burnt ends. Burnt ends are fairly unique to KC BBQ. BBQ makes a delightful late night snack.

        1. The burnt ends are my favorite by far. Don't bother with the sliced pork, and the pulled pork isn't as good as the ends. I agree that you should get a sandwich though. The fries are great. Here are 2 pics from my last trip there. First one is burnt ends and sliced pork, second is pulled pork and burnt ends.

          There are a couple other AB's pics in that set if you want to see what the place looks like.