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Jul 10, 2007 10:04 AM

Dinner in Aberdeen

Any recommendations for a restaurant in the Aberdeen, Maryland area for dinner? Thanks!

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  1. The whole Route 40 corridor is pretty good for crab shacks and pit beef places, but I'll leave it to those more local to the area to make specific suggestions.

    Both the Bel Air and Havre De Grace areas have improved dining scenes in the last couple years, so they may prove useful places to look, if you don't mind venturing out of the immediate Aberdeen area.

    From personal experience, I can recommend Josef's (in Falston?) and a little German place on the west side of Route 40 heading up toward Havre De Grace - The Deautshe Stube, or something like that. Josef's is Modern American with German influences, and the other place is pure German.

    I hope that other 'hounds more local to that area can fill in more detail on the places I've mentioned.

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      If you're willing to venture west to neighboring Edgewood, I've heard very favorable things about a Cajun place called Clarence's of New Orleans. It's off of Route 40 in "downtown" Edgewood, near the train station.