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Jul 10, 2007 09:50 AM

Switch (PHX)

Anyone been yet?

It's the new fast-casual restaurant from Tom Jetland (Fez, Ticoz, the old Ibiza, etc.), located right next to Durant's on Central Ave, where the old Bruegger's bagel shop used to be. It just opened just a couple of days ago.

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  1. Oh! I wondered what was happening to that space, I walked by there about a month ago and major construction was happening.

    I have been avoiding central ave and most of downtown due to terrible traffic, but I would drive to check this place out if it's good! Can't wait to hear.

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    1. re: HomeCookKirsten

      If it's open this weekend I will be happy to enlist my services as the guinea pig. We've been wondering what was happening as well.

      I love that location. It has a great space for a patio in the back, and it's within walking distance to a lot of workers and residents.

      I'm waiting to see what becomes of the land just east of My Florist Cafe on 7Ave/McDowell. Construction fences are now popping up, so demo work should start soon.

    2. Just got back from lunch at Switch. Great addition to the neighborhood (Central and Thomas/Virginia next to Durant's). They completely remodeled the interior and it is very cool. Lots of slate, dark brown wood, contemporary furniture, etc. It looks like a boutique hotel that's not trying too hard to be cool. Blue is the predominant color. Club like beat music playing in the background, but it's not at all loud or hard to hear.

      You place your order at the counter upon your arrival, and they give you a number to place on your table. Waiters bring the food to you, but drinks are self serve (ice tea is only available in bottles, btw).

      The menu is very big, and includes appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, pitas, paninis, gallettes (baked puff pastry filled with different ingredients), crepes, salads/soups and breakfast. Drinks include lattes, frappes, coffees, smoothies and bottled and fountain drinks. The menu is two full sides, two columns, and a little difficult to decipher quickly on the first visit. Fortunately, there was a little line, and they are still getting over some bumps at the order counter.

      I ordered the Super Chop Salad ($6.95) plus a chicken add on ($2.45). The salad includes spinach, field greens, corn, tomato, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, shredded carrots, white beans, cucumber and sunflower seeds in a tangy sherry vinaigrette. Yes, it's a lot of ingredients, but it came together very with the dressing. The salad is a good size, served with each ingredient stacked separately in a bowl with the chicken on top. The chicken was all breast meat, very moist and warm. Everything else was cold and fresh. A great salad.

      Others at my table ordered the dijon chicken wrap ($8.00) with shaved chicken, parmesan spread, tomato, swiss, field greens in a tortilla; the Jalisco Chicken Panino ($8.95) with chipotle chicken, aioli, guacamole, tomato, garlic corn, jalapenos, cilantro and jack cheese; and the Country Club Turkey Panino ($8.95) with roast turkey, bacon, tomato, parmesan spread, mustard and cheddar. The panini were grilled on a press, although the bread is wheat or sourdough. Every sandwich comes with a side caesar salad. Everyone said the food was very good.

      The gallettes look interesting. The menu says they take 8 minutes to cook. the Napoli Prosciutto Gallette ($8.95) includes baked puff pastry with fresh mozzarella and prosciutto, finished with olive oil, pepper, tomatoes, pesto and red wine salad. Might be a bit much for the hot summer days, but certainly delicious.

      In addition to the tables and booths that occupy half the space, there is a line of sofas and chairs. I didn't see coffee tables, so it would be difficult to eat lunch there. I thought perhaps they serve alcohol, but I saw no bar or indication that beer and wine were available. There was also one very long community table close to the order counter with bar stools.

      We arrived behind two small groups, so it seemed crowded, but no one came in initially behind us. The restaurant was about 60% full during our lunch...not bad for just opening.

      The service was a bit shaky as the staff adjusted to a new computer system and food, however, everyone was universally friendly and helpful. We each received a different number after we ordered, so the plates came out one at a time with a large gap between each order. The fourth guy's order must have been lost, but waiters came over twice on their own to see what he ordered, and eventually brought out his sandwich. I'm sure they will shake off the opening day rust quickly.

      Switch calls itself "grab-n-go-bakery-restaurant-catering." I noticed some breakfast pastry next to the order counter, along with some fresh fruit.

      Switch is a great option for lunch, and I'm sure I'll be eating in or grabbing something to go often. If you live in the area, it would be a cool, comfortable place to stop for a light, casual dinner.


      2603 N. Central Ave.

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      1. re: barry

        Thanks Barry for the review. Sounds like it is defintely worth a try. Did you happen to notice how late they are open in the evenings?

        1. re: sunshineinaz

          The hours are 7am to 9pm seven days a week. I will be interested to see if they develop any dinner business, especially with the light rail mess on Central right now.


          1. re: barry

            We tried Switch and thought it was really good. We had the Murano Chicken and Prosciutto (chicken, gouda, pesto, prosciutto) sandwich and the Very Berry Turkey (turkey, raspberry glaze, strawberries) and both were very yummy. We also ordered the hummus plate which was decent but not noteworthy. Finished up with a piece of cheesecake and they added cinnamon apples and it was quite tasty. Service was very friendly and we will definitely be back!

            1. re: barry

              Any idea of what type of food is available for breakfast?

              2603 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

              1. re: silverbear

                I got one of their menus while we there and they serve breakfast from 7 to 11am. They have about 8 breakfast items listed plus pastries. Ranges from traditional eggs and bacon to a breakfast panini to a breakfast burrito. We were planning on trying it out for breakfast.

          2. We tried to go on Friday night. It was us and the kids, so I sent Mr. in on recog to see if it was suitable for the whole family. He came back out to the car to say that it wasn't quite kid-friendly, but that the place was empty. I contend that they would be happy to see us with kids in tow rather than sit around with nothing to do. He gave me the, "I'm not so sure about that" look.

            So we vowed to return sans kids as we headed over to Pino's.
            But now that I know about breakfast, we can certainly visit as a family one of these weekends.

            1. we went to switch on friday for dinner..i had the seafood crepes and my friend had the grilled cheese panini.

              the decor is great - lots of blues and greys, modern in a dwell magazine kind of way. right now its counter service. unfortunately there's no kind of reader board so you have to look at a menu while you stand at the register. so thats kind of strange, but the manager told us that is probably going to change to full service instead of counter service. good!!

              they're definitely in training mode, because there were 3 people trying to use the register to ring up our order ;)

              there's a great patio, and once its fall we'll be eating out there.

              on to the food - most of the menu items are sandwiches and salads. the salad was our sandwiches were fresh and the vinagrette was tart - nicely done.

              the seafood crepes? well, the bechamel sauce was really sweet, which was kind of odd. lobster and shrimp have their own sweetness, as does a crepe, so the sweet sauce was almost a bit cloying. if there were more garlic or citrus to even out the flavors, i'd have liked it better.

              the grilled cheese panini was too cheesey - if thats possible ;) one of the 3 cheeses was gouda, and it just kind of overpowered the whole thing. i know they're trying to do the upscale adult grilled cheese, but it was just too much. they used good quality ingredients, just too cheesey in our opinions

              we recognized the manager, since he was the first gm at fez and ticoz when they both opened, and he pulled up a chair and joined us. we were frank about everything *counter service issue, etc* and he was totally receptive to everything - smoothing out some menu kinks, liquor license to come in 60-90 days *we would have liked a glass of wine with dinner, etc*....

              all in all - since it's still their soft open, i'm willing to overlook the weird service issues *mostly around training at the register*, and our crepe and panini issue. there were lots of things that looked really good, and its very reasonably priced. our total was under 25 bucks, so we thought it was a great value. i'd go back again, and i'm looking forward to trying their breakfast menu.

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              1. re: winedubar

                We tried it for breakfast on Sunday morning. The staff remembered us from having dinnner there a few nights before so that was a nice touch. They were trying something different by having table service instead of counter service to see how that worked. I had the breakfast burrito and it was tasty. I think they are actively trying to work out all the kinks.

              2. Just a quick update. I went back to Switch for lunch and they now have table service exclusively. My waiter said the kitchen can handle orders from each table better than one at a time. It also helped a lot with the timing of food delivery. However, your sandwich and drink with tax and tip can easily make lunch a $12-14 meal. I tried a new sandwich...the pesto beef, with shaved beef, pesto, hummus and sundried tomatoes. Very good! They are also awaiting their liquor license.