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Jul 10, 2007 09:40 AM

Help! B-day Dinner Recs for 2 in NoVA

My boyfriend just decided he wants to do a quiet b-day dinner just the two of us...his b-day is tomorrow! I'm looking for recommendations for a place that is not too big and crowded...where we can have good food and good conversation. I'm not looking for anywhere too fancy or expensive...we don't want to get dressed up. Also, he has requested that we don't go anywhere Mexican/Latin or anywhere that is mostly seafood. We can go anywhere from Fairfax to Arlington to NW (but not too far into DC please!).

A couple places I have already thought of but was hoping for something a little less trendy....Sette Bello and Tallula/EAT.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! : )

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  1. Tallula and Eat Bar are both options, and I don't find either partuclarly trendy. If it's tomorow, the interior may be trendy but the food is insanely good, try Eleventh Street Lounge. It's not that busy in the middle of the week.