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Jul 10, 2007 09:37 AM

Carniceria in Burbank/Glendale/Atwater/Silverlake?

Hi there,

Any recs for a carniceria in Burbank/Glendale/Atwater/Silverlake or thereabouts? Looking for good carne asada and pastor I can grill myself. Bonus points if they have fresh tortillas.

I know there are several on San Fernando on the Burbank/Glendale border, but which one?



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  1. worth the trip for not good BUT Awesome Carne and they make fresh tortillas at each store.
    You should also try the Entraniaā€¯ Argentinian cut skirt steak for a different cut, amazing.

    1. there is a great small market for this kind of thing in highland park. a salvadorean friend told us about this years ago, and we go get their marinated carne asada and chicken whenever we have a lot of people for mexican. i don't remember what other kind of meats they have, nor do i know if they do fresh tortillas. but i can vouch for the carne and the chicken, and it is VERY reasonable.

      i don't even have a name, but it is on york, 3 to 5 blocks east of eagle rock blvd, on the north-east corner. can't miss it. little mom & pop store.

      1. My personal favorite (and now the fave of everyone I know) is La Esquina Meat Market. Love their carne asada and pollo asada. So flavorful and fresh! Their house-made red and green salsas really pack a punch (you would think the green one is less spicy, but this is not the case). They are in a residential area, so if you think you are not going to the right place, relax, you are! I usually take some of their red salsa and add it to the meat and let it marinate until I need it for that extra umph!!
        They do not have fresh tortillas, but there are a few places that do on San Fernando Road west of Division. We go to one that has fantastic fresh made corn and flour tortillas - cannot remember the name, tho. Just a few blocks west on the north side of SF - I think it was on a corner, but you enter in on San Fernando east of the corner. Sorry for being so vague!!

        La Esquina Meat Market
        3301 Division Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90065
        (323) 221-1571
        7 days a week - 8am - 8pm (taco truck out front during the evenings and weekends)
        cash & credit cards only, no checks

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          Thanks for the recs! I'll start local and then work my way to some of the more distant suggestions. :)

            1. re: justanotherpenguin

              In El Sereno...just below Highland Park and South Pasadena is a market called the El Sereno Meat Market...the best carniceria ever! Beautiful marinated carne y pollo, home made chorizo, lengua whole ready to be cooked...fresh tortillas and chips...meixcan crema fresh!! what more needs to be said...go now go soon just go! google is on Huntington Dr.

        2. The Carneceria I go to for carne asada preparada is La Guadalupana Market in Highland Park. It is located at the corner of Daly Street and Mozart. Try this place out, you will not be disapointed.

          2062 Daly Street
          Los Angeles Ca. 90031
          (323) 225-1954