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Jul 10, 2007 09:19 AM


While I used to live there, I know the culinary winds have changed a bit.
I'll be going in 2 weeks for a few days, and would love to take my soon-to-be married girlfriend for a lovely, yet reasonably priced (for Copenhagen), meal.

Are there any vegetarian-friendly places anyone can recommend?
I'd rather not take her to Riz-Raz (though I do love it).

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I had a very delightful lunch at Ida Davidsen. They serve a huge variety of open face sandwiches that are both wonderful to eat and to look at. The people there are very freindly, speak excellent English, and provide first rate service. The prices, for Copenhagen, are not bad. The sole vegetarian in my group loved the cheese based sandwiches and told me that the waiter clearly pointed out the many vegatarian ones that they had. Be sure to make reservations as we saw a lot of people without reservations being turned away at the door.

    Restaurant Ida Davidsen
    Store Kongensgade 70
    DK-1264, Copenhagen
    Tel: 453391 3655

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    1. re: Delhiwala

      looks like it will be closed the entire month of July...oh well.

      1. re: Jeserf

        Another nice place that we enjoyed in Copenhagen a few weeks ago is called Amadeus. It is only a few doors down from Ida Davidsen. It is a very pleasant cafe type place with excellent food and friendly service. In summer time you can also eat outside on about ten tables that they set up in a garden behind their restaurant. However, I do not know if it is open or closed in July.

        Store Kongensgade 62
        1264 København K
        Phone: 33 32 35 11

        1. re: Delhiwala

          July....part of "high" tourist season, and restaurants can afford to close!

          Ah, Denmrk!

      2. re: Delhiwala

        I dined there in the 1970s, when it was still named Oskar Davidsen. It was my favorite dining experince ( with the exception of a couple of home cooked meals) out of the three months I was there. You brought back some great memories.

        1. re: chowdom

          Oops, I believe it was a different location, a large beautiful space overlooking the water.

          1. re: chowdom

            is that the one opposite the AP Moller building?

            1. re: kmh

              I have only been to the original location, if that is the location you are referring to, it was so long ago I'm sorry I honestly don't remember. I just remember (beautiful food), windows and fjords and that does not fit the description of the new restaurant.

              1. re: kmh

                it's not. i was thinking of Café Lumskebugten

                but try this website on for size:
                pleased to see Peder Oxe's Restaurant and Vinkælder Wine Bar is on the list - the bar was once one of my favourites (but I haven't been for a couple of years)

                1. re: kmh

                  We had a lovely meal at Peder Oxe our last night in Copenhagen at the end of June. Service was fun, too, and the floor manager is quite a character. Wish I could go back tonight!

          2. re: Delhiwala

            Ida Davidsen is AMAZING! Their smorbroad/little sandwiches are delicious but also really neatly constructed. I went with my parents when I was studying abroad there and we all loved it. My Mom, while not a vegetarian, had just gotten over a serious virus/food poisioning incident and couldn't eat the more heavy sandwiches we were enjoying. She had a lot of the lighter cheeses and veggies sandwiches and enjoyed it.

            1. re: Elyssa

              They're closed while I'm, I'll probably take my soon-to-be-married friend to Skilpadden, which is inexpensive and fabulously delicious.

              I'm still looking for something a little more formal to treat her to, but I leave Wednesday and have yet to have an offering of something that's open or veggie friendly.

              I do have the newest Time Out book, though, so will leaf through it on the flight and see.

              Oh Copenhagen, get better restaurants! heh

              1. re: Jeserf

                I don't know if they have a vegetarian menu but one of the best restaurants I went to while in Copenhagen was....get ready for it:

                It translates to The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (a film by Peter Greenaway which according to my father is one of the weirdest movies he's ever seen.)

                They were really helpful to my mother who could only eat certain things at the time so they might be willing to create a special tasting menu just for you.

                This is on the higher end. I went here for my big birthday dinner. But it was delicious and really quaint and friendly.

                Here's the website:

                1. re: Elyssa

                  hm, i will check it out.

                  I like cozy, but i don't like the exchange rate!

                  I'm flexible with food and know that veggie-ness is very American (and German...i did great in Berlin!).

                  1. re: Jeserf

                    not danish food at all, but you will definitely be able to get veg food at wokshop just off kongens nyrtov. it's thai inspired, very good, and for cph at least, not too expensive. it's cosy and a nice, easy stroll from lots of other "good stuff"

Ny Adelgade 6
1104 København K 
Tlf.: 33 91 61 21
Fax: 33 91 61 29
Man-fre 12 - 14 og 17:30 - 22
Lørdag 18-22
Søndag holder vi lukket.