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Jul 10, 2007 09:04 AM

DC Hound Has Specific Houston Query

DC Hound in Houston August 1st for one night. Staying at the St. Regis. Would prefer short walk or short cab to excellent chow. Require reasonable accomodations for single diner (i.e. good bar area or possible one-top), upscale food (regional preferred), and quality wine list. Is there anything that fits the bill Houston hounds?

Thanks very much.


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  1. I have not eaten here, but a close friend raved about this place and it seems to fit the bill for you:

    Take a cab - the heat is going to be too much to walk very far. There are a lot of steak houses close to there, but this is more unique than they are.

    1. The restaurant/bar at St Regis should be good, atleast I know the bar is a good mover and shaker spot.
      Bobs Steak and Chops on Post Oak will be rockin and the steaks are typical high end steakhouse IMO. Same with Smith and Wollensky.
      Bar Annie in Cafe Annie would be a good choice as well. I have always thought the food at Cafe Annie was good but not extraordinary. That being said it is a Houston Icon restaurant.
      Another place that I love which also happens to have a great wine list with wines priced near retail is Catalan on Washington. Appetizers(small plates) are the way to go here. I've had an excellent Henri Billot Grand Cru Brut Rose about $50, Foxen Pinot $55 and Triacca Valtellina Superiore for around $45. These were all great. I have a feeling they don't have Foxen anymore )= or the Henri Billot? That being said you can find some other great wines here, I especially like the Brundlemeyer Gruner Vetliner which is a good Houston hot summer wine.

      1. It's a bit of a cab ride but The Lodge on Birdsall off Memorial is quite unique it was called the Rainbow Lodge but they moved