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Jul 10, 2007 08:50 AM

What to fill a chocolate cake with??

Hi fellow CH's. This week I will attempt to bake a decadent chocolate cake for my sister's 40 th birthday. She likes dark chocolate my design thus far is a dark chocolate cake covered in ganache and filled with??? Her husband suggested strawberries but I do not know whether to use fresh or jam. Also i was thinking of a chocolate mousse/frosting in the middle AND strawberries. does anyone have a great idea???? i thought that using the ganache in the middle would be way to heavy and maybe too decadent..thus a lighter filling with some fruit. I cannot use any nuts.
also...if anyone has a foolproof recipe for a dark chocolate cake I would greatly appreciate it. So far I was planning to use the recipe in Cook's illustrated. thank you!!!!

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  1. How about a peanut butter mousse?
    In his cookbook, Stephen Pyles has a recipe for his Heaven and Hell Cake that includes layes of angel food cake, devil's food cake, and peanut butter mousse. It is covered in chocolate ganache. One of my favorites.

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        and i would have said rasberries with cream (i.e. separate)... perfect either way

      2. I like it with mocha buttercream

        1. I would use a thin layer of jam on the cake layers and the chocolate mousse, that sounds so good. Fresh strawberries on top would look beautiful and taste great. You could also layer them in the mousse too, but that would make it a little more unstable, if you are transporting the cake. That has been my experience, but maybe I am just bad at it.

          1. strawberry jam with a little grand marnier added to it :D

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              Here's another vote for Strawberry Preserves. That's been my favorite filling for Chocolate Cake since I was a little girl.

              Buy the very best ones you can find.