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Jul 10, 2007 08:41 AM

Food shopping in Banff or close by

We are staying at a lodge between Banff and Lake Louise. Suggestions for food shopping are much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. cmon:

    We are usually just passing through the Mountain Parks or out trying the restaurants because we are there for a limited time and ordinarily do not have cooking facilities so I have not paid much attention to grocery stores.

    However, I am certain that Banff has a fairly large Safeway for ones general provisions.

    I expect that Banff also has more specialized tourist related shops to obtain bread, cheese and cold cuts. I have heard good things about the cheese at, for example, the Bison.

    I do not know what the village in Lake Louise has for grocery stores. I would think it would be somewhat less than Banff.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Banff does indeed have a large supermarket right in town - entrance, if i remember correctly, is right across street from museum. Lake Louise does have a small convenience store/superette right in the main shopping center next to the Post Hotel. I patronized both when I was there last summer!

    2. If you want to make the extra drive, there are food shops in and around Canmore as well. One place worth making the extra drive to is Valbella meats, producers of fine flesh!