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Cupcakes in Boston area?

Who makes the best???

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    1. I recently had a cupcake from Quebrada Bakery on Washington St. in Wellesley that was pretty delicious. Very moist, and with buttery frosting. They also have a location on Mass Ave in Arlington. Kind of pricey, though.

        1. For my taste, Party Favors in Brookline.

          1. Petsi's pies. But you have to be lucky--they don't always have them.

            1. we enjoyed some incredible cupcakes last weekend at Modern Bakery in the North End - both vanilla and chocolate. Lots of frosting and moist cake - perfect!

              1. I love cupcakes too and am waiting to try some new flavors finally other than just the standard chocolate and vanilla. I have heard that a new place called Kick*ss Cupcakes is opening up in Davis Square in August (Highland Avenue) and that they are famous for deep fried cupcakes. Sounds good to me and will have a full report once they open.

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                    Some of us like overkill. Do keep us posted, margie. I just wrote about some Beantown cupcakes I had today from La Luna Caffe in Central Sq. in another thread. Great in theory, not in execution. Have you had these?

                1. At the Town Diner in Watertown, they sell cupcakes made by a little business called Cosmo. The cupcakes are good, but also very elaborately decorated. They make a nice hostess present, and would be good for daytime parties.

                  1. A bit outside Boston, but absolutely worth the trip to Quincy. Babycakes 163 Beale St 617.773.4458. The most delicious was the french toast cupcake! Talk about melt in your mouth.