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Jul 10, 2007 07:53 AM

Oregon Ridge Inn?

Drive by this place all the time....any comments?

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  1. Do you mean the Oregon Grille on Shawan Rd in Hunt Valley? If not, disregard. If so, highly overated to me. Only the gliterati and well-heeled get top service. John Citizen gets the short end of the stick. Food is pretty good but the rest is crappy (IMHO)



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    1. re: KOK

      yes...sorry for getting the name wrong...too bad...I heard they have an outdoor patio area. But I am Jane Citizen so probably won't try it!

      1. re: crosby_p

        I have not been there for dinner, but the service was fine when I went for lunch, and I'm not anyone special.

        1. re: crosby_p

          Though I had two bad experiences at dinner, I've never been at lunch so maybe there's a better chance to get good service at lunch as JonParjer did. And maybe I just happened to go on two 'off' nights.

          The food is good so I'd give it try, esp since it seems to be on your way. Plus they had Pikesville Rye in the bar : )



          1. re: KOK

            its known for being one of the top restaurants in the area, so i wouldnt disregard because one person had bad service. give it a try and let us know what you think. I have never been but i have always heard great things.

            1. re: elegantelliot

              Had a party there for 30+ people and had great service and everyone enjoyed the meal. The staff was great to work with in planning and servicing. I would recommend trying it.

      2. The Oregon Grille is down the street from my house. Been there a couple times since they opened. It is what it is - more along the lines of an old school fine dining restaurant were jackets are required for men, the lobster bisque is the heavy cream and butter variety and is perfectly suited to the older, white, conservative, anglo-saxon clientele that is the Hunt/Worthington/Greenspring Valley demographic.

        Overall, the food is decent. Like the rest of Baltimore, there's nothing spectacular to The Oregon Grille, just basic and solid cooking. I see lots of people eating there all the time, but I'd rather head somewhere else - even though it's just down the road.

        1. The Oregon Grille is a great place for lunch (going there today). Exc food at quite good prices. I have never had a problem with service, and Ive been there many times And i certainly am not a giterati and do not order expensive wine). Dinner menu is not exvciting, but very well executed. Exc rockfish recently, and they have the best steaks in Balto (along with the Prime Rib--and a better atmosphere than the latter). i would never disparage the Oregon Grille.

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          1. re: tartuffe

            I think it's incorrect to say that John Citizen can't get good service there. I've been three times in the past few years and have always had good service and I'm not monied.

            1. re: jrl2929

              I'm honestly glad you and the other posters have gotten good service. I had two bad experiences (and twice management couldn't have cared less) so that's it for me. I've had friends also get less than top service and read the same on other boards.

              I did like the food both times, so I'm sorry I won't be going back, but I hope all the regular Joes and Janes continue to get good service.


            2. re: tartuffe

              I strongly disagree that Oregon Grille has better atmosphere than Prime Rib. PR is in a class of its own in that category.