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Jul 10, 2007 07:43 AM

Where to find the BEST Jambalaya in the French Quarter??

Can anyone suggest a place for the best jambalaya??? We want to have a great jambalaya for lunch before we head back to New York City. Thanks!

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  1. I like Coop's Place, it's very spicy. I like their gumbo, too.

    1. I'd also say Coop's Place. They have a great rabbit & sausage jambalaya.

      1. I'll add my vote for Coop's. I dont know if Tujague's still does lunch or not (their website does not show a lunch menu), but a couple years ago I had a SUPERB Jambalaya there that was only served during the day.

        1. Coop's Place! We went there Monday night and it was the best I've ever had. :)

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            I'll add my vote to the Coop's rabbit and sausage mandate. It's exceptional.

            Also, Coops has the best stuffed jalapenos I have ever had. No ubiquitous frozen poppers here...Fresh peppers (not pickled) hand stuffed with crab, cheese and seasonings, breaded and fried. Washed down with an Abita Amber...gets those taste buds hoppin' and ready for the jambalaya.

          2. While I think Coop's deserves the loves, 5 for 5 is pretty impressive! But there's not much competition, I'm trying to even think of another place in the quarter that SERVES jambalaya. I think Acme has it as a side, maybe. And possibly Tujague's, mentioned above.

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              Napoleon House serves a passable version. Of course KPauls has a very good jamabalaya, but you are going to pay significantly more than Coops, get a bit more dressed up, etc. for a dish of similar quality. I think that is why Coop's stands out...there is very little commitment of money or formality to obtain an exceptional bowl of love.