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Has anyone been to Oya? I don't hear much about it but have always thought their menu looked interesting, just haven't gotten around to trying it. I might go tonight with a friend.

They have a $29 3-course menu special going on right now for their anniversary. Looks interesting: http://www.oyadc.com/

Any opinions?

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  1. When I searched for Oya I only found threads from 2005 and 2006. Do you have a link or was it listed under a different catagory?

    It turns out I am in fact going tonight so I was hoping for some menu suggestions. Everything looks very interesting with some rather unique pairings.

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      Wait...nevermind...I didn't scroll down on the way. Oops!

    2. It's got an INCREDIBLE atomosphere- they spent over $5M. Very cool, hip place, but for the price, you're best going someplace else. Chef's have changed several times there. Food is just OK.

      1. I went for three courses at lunch. My companion and I each ordered sushi rolls for a starter. I got the crispy salmon, which was soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside (from panko) and was excellent. My friend got the tuna tempura, which was quickly tempura fried as a whole roll and sliced. It was wonderful. I recommend trying those.

        I got the scallops for my lunch and they were lovely. Cooked well, with a tasty noodle side and hen of the woods, which are my favorite mushroom. It wasn't a mind-blowing meal, but it was pretty darn good. Well portioned, too.

        We each got the sorbet dessert because it was lunch and we wanted light. It was as refreshing as you'd want, but I've heard excellent things about their banana bread pudding.

        I know Oya gets a bad rap, but my one meal there was quite good, and it was a great deal. I believe champagne comes with the dinner special. I'd go back for the sushi rolls, for sure.

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          My meal experience was a lot like yours. The rolls were great, which is surprising when one doesn't SEE a sushi chef working. Definitely a high point.

          As I posted earlier, though, the kitchen timing was horribly off, and the staff seemed to be perplexed by it. That doesn't explain the long, dry wait between seeing a wine list and actually GETTING a glass of wine, either. The very hip atmosphere and competent food just doesn't make up for a painfully slow delivery of the first course, especially when one is on a lunch hour and doesn't have lots of time to spare.

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            Thanks Kate...this was helpful. I'll be going to Oya tonight so I'll make sure to report back on our experience.

          2. I have been there a few times [including last Sunday !]. Personally I would pass on the $29 deal even if it is a good bargain. Their strong suit is the small plates, not the entrees or the sushi. When we go, we do our own tasting menu or tapas menu and just order small plates. Especially good are the piquillo stuffed peppers, pekin crepes, and soft shell tempura. The ambaince is very nice--a great white leather and marble atmosphere.

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              Have you been at night or during the day? Have you tried any of the entrées?

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                I have only been there in the evening. I have tried several entrees and found them uninspired. Not bad, just nothing speical. The small plates are the shining stars here.

            2. My friend and I went to Oya last night for the first time to take part in their $29 Anniversary Special Menu. First off...it is a great deal. The food, service, and ambiance were quite good. On top of that, on the regular menu most entrees run close to $29. For that same amount of money I got 3 courses and a free glass of champagne---not bad for someone who is trying to watch their wallet.

              The restaurant itself is spectacular. You really can tell that they spent millions of dollars on design and decorating. And it pays off. It is very modern and chic. My favorite part is the comfortable white leather benches and the waterfall over the kitchen window. Very cool touch.

              Our waiter was very helpful in helping us decide what to get on the menu, he was attentative with filling the water glasses and our food was well paced. Plus he was cute---and that never hurts!

              The food itself I thought was quite good. For the first course I got the Spicy Crunchy Salmon rolls. They were delicious. The spice doesn't hit you until after you swallow the roll and then it comes on...but not to strong which is nice. There was an interesting (in a good way) texture to the roll and a wonderful taste.

              My friend got the chilled mint and pea soup. She said it was very refreshing. The mint didn't over power the taste of the soup. There was also a goat cheese flat in the center of the bowl. Very nice presentation.

              For a main course I got the white tuna (which I had never had before) with shitake mushrooms and gnocchi. The dish had a lot of flavor and was very good. My only complaint was the fish was a little hard to cut...slightly stringy or tough to cut...but I think that may just be the type of fish it was. Because it tasted fine.

              My friend the salmon with a ginger and saffron sauce. She said it was very good.

              For dessert she got the banana bread pudding which she seemed to enjoy. Everyone raves about this dessert. But since I don't eat bananas I didn't sample it. I ended my meal with a nice, refreshing trio of sorbets--coconut ginger, passionfruit, and mango...all very nice.

              To finish off the meal our waiter brought us 2 complimentry glasses of champagne. Oh also my friend got a dark and stormy which she said was very good but also very strong! :)

              Over all it was a wonderful experience. We did not have any problems at all with service or the food. I probably won't be eating there often since the regular menu seems a tad pricey but I would certainly return for a nice night out with my boyfriend.

              We peeked in to take a look at the bar scene and I would certainly return for a drink. It was pretty crowded for a Tuesday night. It is most def. one of those places where "the beautiful people" go. A realllly nice looking crowd (and waitstaff). Overall a great experience.

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                I'm so glad! I had never been before my lunch there a few weeks ago, and I was surprised at how different it was from the bad reviews I've always heard. I'm hoping they're really trying to step things up, and the deal is a great way to start.

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                  I totally. My experience did not at all reflect the bad reviews (especially about the service) that I had been reading about. I was a little nervous going into the meal that it was going to be disappointing but we had a great time and really enjoyed our food. I would most certainly recommend it to people.

                  I actually didn't even look at the main menu so I didn't notice they have small plates. I would probably return with some girlfriends or my boyfriend for a few small plates and a drink before a movie at GalleryPlace/Chinatown.

              2. The menu looked intriguing. The burly bouncer outside screamed You Are Not Welcome.

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                  That guy's been there forever--he looks scary but is really sweet. We were there for a special occasion once and he took a few photos for us--even had us move to a location with better lighting and atmosphere! Don't let him scare you away!

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                    That's nice to hear, but of course it's more the idea of the thing. An establishment that invites normal people doesn't post a velvet rope and/or bouncer outside. An establishment eager to get into the gossip pages over somebody getting denied entry and/or bustin' a cap inside does.