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Jul 10, 2007 07:14 AM

Al Tiramisu

Did a quick search but couldn't find any recent chatter on Al Tiramisu in Dupont. Has anyone been lately? Is it a good choice for dinner with my college adviser, who will be in town one night later this month?

(If not, my second choice is Tabard Inn... I'd like to stay close to his hotel on Embassy Row, and keep things under $60/person without wine.)

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  1. How funny...the first time I went to Al Tiramisu was with my college advisor and a few old college friends and professors.

    I think either Al Tiramisu or Tabard Inn would be perfect for what you are looking for. You can def. eat at both places for under $60. I think the food at Al Tiramisu, especially their gnocchi, is very good.

    The atmosphere at Tabard Inn is better though...especially in the outdoor courtyard area (if the weather isn't insanly hot like it is today!). I think both choices will suit you just fine.

    1. I'm new to DC, but just ate at Al Tiramisu two weeks ago. Though I was put off by the up-selling and general aura of faux Italian-ness (all that "buona serra"-ing), I have to admit the linguine with clams was terrific. It's definitely overpriced, but the food was delicious and overall the place seemed like a reliable standby.

      1. Oh should be warned that Al Tiramisu (and it's sister restaurant Al Crostini) are notorious for charging much more for their specials then their regular twice as much. The one really annoying thing is they don't tell you the price with each you have to ask or you might be shocked with a $35 lobster ravioli dsih on your check.

        I HATE when you have to ask because personally it makes me uncomfortable but at this particular restaurant you have no choice.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          You are so right. This restaurant is wonderful, but I almost never go there because I've gotten fed up with feeling ripped off. Specials should definitely not routinely be more than twice as much as everything on the menu. Still and all, it is a nice, cozy place with good Italian food.

          1. re: LulusMom

            hmm, interesting. thanks for the feedback -- i'll be sure to ask about the specials' prices if we end up at al tiramisu. (the mention of lobster ravioli is making me drool right now. time to get some lunch.) will report back!

          2. re: Elyssa

            Completely agree. The prices for their specials are completely ridiculous when compared to the entree prices. And you feel like a schmuck asking 'how much is this special?', 'how much is that special?'.

            One of the top five annoying things that restaurants can do.