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Jul 10, 2007 06:40 AM

Where can i find good naeng myun?

any suggestions on where i can find great korean cold noodles would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. only place that has decent naeng myun is you chun on 36th st bet 5th and bway

    i thought another place opened on like 33rd, but i couldn't find it when i looked

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      just ate at you chun last night; had the hwe naeng myun which arrived with a scoopful of crushed ice, which scared me, but after mixing it all, it was quite good. their naeng myun is a dark brown color, but I didn't really like their hong-o; way more cartilage than usual (dae-dong) and somehow not as satisfying. we did order a dish called the "stir-fried spicy sausage" which was basically soondae, topped with various veg stir-fried in go-chu-jang (think typical bokeum-style). this was a great dish actually, and nice contrast to the naeng myun.

      in the end, I really liked it, the flavor was great, and much better than the one I had at chong moo ro a few weeks ago.

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        just saw this, glad you liked it...i generally think that place is pretty decent although i agree with you on the hong-o, but i like their mool naeng myun better and thats what i almost always order

        i also like this duk boki dish they have that they served with fried mandoo

    2. My family is Korean and loves naeng myun. Our default place was Dae Dong, but I went there a few weeks ago and the naeng myun wasn't very good at all. No pear slices, only two tiny slices of beef, etc. Since You Chun specializes in naeng myun, I'd say that should be a safe bet.

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        agreed, the naeng myun at dae dong is not good at all...you chun is much better

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          I bet Banh's is wicked.

          I think NY 24 has the best on 32nd...

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          I just went to Dae Dong tonight. The naeng myun's just not as good as it used to be. The last few times something has felt off--like the broth seems more watery or something. I want to like You Chon because the one in LA was the best naeng myun I'd ever had, but the one here and in Flushing is too sweet. It's still refreshing but after a few bites I'm over it. They also add too much pepper.


        3. I know this is devolving into where NOT to get naeng-myun, but yes, chung moo ro on west 32nd was my spot but, I had it recently, and it was no good. and I've had you chun as well, didn't think it was great. for whatever reason, I had a great hwae naeng myun at the dae dong in bayside. wishing wishing for a great consistent hwae naeng myun in manhattan somewhere.

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            I have a question about hwe naeng myun. Meet me on the General Topics board.

          2. I went to Kunjip on 32nd (next to the NEW pinkberry) and I loved the naeng myun there. Fresh cucumber and daikon radishes, beef brisket and a slice of pear.

            I've also had them at KumGang Sun and Dae Dong and I think it was the best out of those three places.

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              it almost makes sense that kunjip would have a good naeng-myun but then, I never heard of anyone ordering that; I have eaten at almost all the places listed in this thread for hwe-naeng-myun but now that dae dong is closed, I wonder if BCD's rendition is good, or should i just stick with kang suh?

              basically, has anything changed in the k-town naeng-myun universe in the last year or so?