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Jul 10, 2007 06:36 AM

BEAUTIFUL Restaurants and GREAT food in Toronto???

I will be traveling to Toronto with my girlfriend for 4 nights for the first time. I will be staying probably at SOHO Metropolitan and maybe Pantages (2 nights each place.. can't you tell tell I'm very indecisive =)

Well I love to take pictures and I was wondering If I can get some help to find beautiful restaurants with beautiful food and of course GREAT tasting, around the areas where I am staying. I will try to do my best to WALK EVERYWHERE I go becuase I got to burn off all those CALORIES from all the food I'll be eating!!!

I've read countless reviews and suggestion from Chowhound about places like Susur, Lee, Sen5es, Perigee, Lai Wah Heen but mostly about the food, not too much about the setting and enviroment... I'm interested mostly in asian, Sushi and I guess places like Rain, perigeee (I dunno what type of restaurants to call them) ...oh yeah and may be places with beautiful DESERTS

What restuarants do you guys/gals think fit all these criterias!!!

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  1. George on Queen.

    No deserts here, although it is hot. Perigee has a DESSERT tasting menu.

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      Perigee has discontinued the dessert tasting menu. (Although they're now taking Open Table reservations, which is great.)

      The Gallery Grill at Hart House, and Osgoode Hall (which might be closed if you're coming during the summer) are both gorgeous rooms. I've heard Mildred Pierce is beautiful too, but closing soon!

    2. Two truly beautiful restaurants are the Laurentian Room and the Savoy Bistro. Lots of Art Deco. The Rosewater Supper Club has beautiful soaring ceilings. All of these have good food, but are not the top of the game in Toronto. But they are all stunning.

      Perigee is not beautiful, per se, but the exposed brick and beams are full of character and lovely to look at. The decor otherwise is a bit lacking.

      Susur is stark white and modern. It's neighbour, Lee, is funky and hot pink.

      George has a gorgeous patio.

      The grand hall of BCE Place is stunning and very picture worthy, but I would avoid eating at the Richtree Market there.

      1. Look like Rain is the restaurant for you ! It is trendy and cool restaurant with asian fusion food. I like the food there but some may disagree with me regarding the food. And yes, food is beautifully presented there too.

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          1. What about Via Allegro? The food is amazing, wine list the most extensive outside ofthe LCBO. The exterior and location is blah, but the interior is quite grand.

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              Really? I find the interior tacky at best.

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                I'ts not my idea either, but it's uniqueness has been mentioned many times before. I'm assuming the OP wants some variety, and I don't know his/her taste so I'm mentioning it.
                Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.