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Fun, Cheap, LES restaurant

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Trying to put together a list of top 10 fun and cheap places to eat in the Lower East Side. Please consider the following factors:

- needs to be BELOW houston (so no alphabet city or east village)
- should have great food and drinks
- should have cool atmosphere
- should be very reasonably priced
- all cuisines should be considered

Whatcha got?

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  1. Kuma Inn. Thats all you need to know.

        1. What about Little Giant? Has anyone been there recently? Used to be good, but it's been a while since I was there. Skimming some of the posts I wonder how it is now.

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            I've recomended it too many times in the past few days too recomend again.

          2. love kuma inn, but it is usually booked and crowded
            like inoteca, same on the crowded
            like essex restaurant, usually makes everyone happy and is never a wait
            clinton street baking company
            les enfantes terribles