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Jul 10, 2007 05:31 AM

seattle with kids- wild ginger and pub rec's

Hi- I did read the other threads related to this topic but have 2 additional questions. We are visiting for two weeks starting this Thursday with a 5 and 2 year old. We have always been interested in Wild Ginger but really have no idea if it is a kid friendly place. (my kids will love the food itself). They do know how to behave ya da da da da.....

Also, we love to go to fun pubs/breweries for a beer and snacks at the end of the day and of course want to in Seattle so we can drink a few great local brews. We have done Hale's in the past and it was fine. In the past we loved 74th Street alehouse but alas, no kids. Any new ideas?


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  1. Montlake Alehouse goes out of their way to accommodate families with young children with the pit of toys. (2307 24th Ave E.) You can take kids to Pike Brewing in the south end of the Market. All the McMennemins are kid friendly (Queen Anne, Six Arms on Pike, Dad Watson's in Fremont.) Barking dog Alehouse (not too far from 74th st. Alehouse @ 705 NW 70th) would be good.

    I'm 99% certain I've seen kids in Collins Pub (526 2nd Ave) and they've probably got the best food of the lot.

    1. no problem with kids at Wild Ginger. They might also enjoy seats at the counter if they like to watch some chefs grilling. Check out whether Taphouse grill downtown allows kids (160 beers on tap)

      1. I have seen kids at Elysian Brewing on Capitol Hill. They have solid food, great beer, and accommodating waitstaff. It has the additional benefit of being in a neighborhood worth exploring on foot before or after...

        1. like most crappy chains, wild ginger is fine for kids and midwesterners alike.

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            is Wild Ginger a "chain"? and what's this about midwesterners? Chicago has food that rivals the best on either coast, to give just one example of midwestern sophistication. Their Chinatown, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian food are all quite respectable by any standards imo. Alinea in Chicago is considered by some to be the #1 restaurant in the USA. The fact that Chicago "midwesterners" can support such a restaurant and Seattle apparently can't (look at places like Mistral and how much business they get) is distressing imo.

          2. The Barking Dog at 70th & 7th Avenue is kid friendly as is Old Town Tavern on Old Ballard Avenue. Both have great selections of Belgian beers as well as local. Boundary Bay IPA is one of my favorite northwest beers and in my opinion, it tastes better at Old Town than anywhere else.