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Jul 10, 2007 05:22 AM

Dad's coming to town and that means Steak and Potatoes, no frills

My Dad is very much a steak and potatos kind of guy. He and my stepmom are coming to town in two weeks to visit and I need a good spot with non-fancy, but fantastic meat---lambchops, steak, short ribs. I need a restaurant that knows how to cook its meat to perfection. Neither of them drink, so I don't necesserily care about the drink menu (although naturally, I may have a glass).

Location--wherever! Preferably the East side.

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  1. Smith and Wollensky Grill. No frills just great steak and a pub atmosphere.

    1. Les Halles on Park Ave S btw 28th and 29th. They have a steak display case and it's got a bistro-y feel. It's really attractive without being out of control. And then there's always Nick + Steph's at Madison Square Garden. You have to appreciate a place that puts their dry aged steaks in the front window. For a final consideration: Dinosaur BBQ. Yes, it's at 125th and 12th ave, but it it's a down-home rib joint that every meat-eater should go to at least once. Definitely make reservations.

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      1. re: kbella

        I have to strongly disagree about Les Halles. The food is mediocre at best, service is disgraceful, seating is so close it would make a sardine feel uncomfortable, and the noise level is hideously high. It should be avoided like the proverbial plague!

        1. re: RGR

          have to agree that Les Halles would not be my top pick - it is very cramped and noisy. We ended up waiting 1 hour past our reservation time - to be seated in a back corner that was freezing cold (it was Feb). The food was pretty good, but not worth the noise, especially if you want to catch up.

      2. Wolfgang's on Park Ave. Sure, its a Luger clone, but they know how to cook a steak.

        1. Keens has been its 36th St. location, b/t 5th & 6th Avs., since 1885. The steaks are excellent, the lamb chops are superb, some of the best I've had anywhere, and their signature mutton chop is delish. Beer-braised short ribs are on the menu. Sides are good as well. Service is pleasant and prompt. A huge plus is the unmatchable old NY ambiance -- walls filled with memorabilia and rows of old clay smoking pipes suspended from all the ceilings.

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          1. re: RGR

            I second Keen's. That would be your best bet!

            1. re: bronwen

              I definitely agree with going to Keen's--have never been disappointed. Also, I recommend Knickerbocker's @ University Place and 8th Street. Nice atmosphere, the tables are not close together and the food is great. Their ribs are great, and they have wonderful short ribs--even in the summer.
              I don't think you can go wrong at either Keen's or Knickerbockers.

          2. Knickerbocker has solid meat and potatoes kind of food. The menu is interesting (big) but relatively well rounded (if slightly on the heavy side) and there is definitely something for everyone.