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Jul 10, 2007 05:08 AM

S'More Cupcakes

Family wedding in the Berkshires this weekend. Laid back, family fun, child friendly, tree hugging kind of event. Great time had by all!! The bride ( my neice) is not a big cake eater, but she LOVES s'mores. One of the bridesmaids made about 250 s'more cupcakes. They were fabulous! Sweet, gooey. Obviously, they had chocolate, marshmellow and graham crackers in the recipe. Did not have time to get the actual recipe from the woman- but would love it if anyone on these boards has a recipe. Can anyone help? TIA.

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  1. I think that they are in the cupcake doctor book but I will check tonight and let you know for sure.

    1. there's a recipe for S'mores Cupcakes on I've been wanting to try this as it includes home-made marshmallows!!! Yum!!

      1. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the cupcake doctor recipe. The recipe on the cupcake blog did not look like the ones we had ( but they did look good). The cupcakes had frosting on top, and were decorated prettily. The marshmallow was in the cupcake. I just spoke with my SIL and she said she would email the bridsmaid tonight for the reipce. I will post it, as it is really good.

        1. What was the breakdown approximately? Chocolate cake or chocolate topping? Graham cracker crust with chocolate cake? They sound delicious!

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            Kind of swirley layers, if that makes any sense!! THe icing was chocolate and melted marshmallow. Could taste the graham cracker- and I think the cupcake had lots of chocolate, too. Really good- I ate mine with a spoon, so I kind of ate layer by later.

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              Ok, not exactly the same thing, but SO good, nonetheless. I made S'mores Brownies. Made a graham cracker crust (with butter and sugar), baked that for about 15 minutes. Your favorite brownie recipe on top of that, bake it. Top with whole marshmellows (stand them up), and set under the broiler until browned (watch closely!). SO pretty and yummy!!

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                Sound great. Will have to try these, too. Love to find kid freindly items, and this will fit the bill!

          2. Got the recipe. It is from MArtha Stewart. The woman who made them did make some changes- she did not have marshmallows on top- insteadx made a marshmallow frosting ( under the chocolate frosting). I also included the link for the marshmallow frosting- and when she made the frosting, she doubled the fluff to give it a more "gooey" texture. They were really good

            Here is the link for the cupcakes:

            here is the link for the icing:

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              Oh wow, those look divine! I will have to bookmark this one for a special occasion. I would make them now, but I think I need an event to justify that amount of butter, haha.

              1. re: ArikaDawn

                Right- I knew there was a reason they tasted so good. Would never have guessed there was wheat germ in them> Maybe that cancels the butter!