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Jul 10, 2007 03:01 AM


We will be traveling into Brussels by train from Amsterdam the first Sunday in August.
I believe our hotel for that night is near the Grand Platz.
Traveling with our 18 yr old son - - who is pretty much up for anything food wise.
(Are 18 yr olds allowed to drink in Brussels?)
Anyway - - not looking for anything fancy this trip - just some interesting foods, a service that is not averse to Americans with limited foreign language skills and fun ambiance......
All rec's will be most welcome!

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  1. The Grande Place is home to many a tourist trap. The one restaurant that I like on the very picturesque Rue des Bouchers is "Aux Armes de Bruxelles". It is a "Specialites Belges" restaurant, ie traditional Belgian food, waterzooie, eels "au vert", etc. Professional service, they're used to foreigners, but not cheap (consider the location).

    If you are willing to talk 10 minutes to the Bourse or the Fish Market (Ste. Catherine) I think you will have a much greater selection and at less cost.


    1. 18 year olds have no issues drinking in belgium.