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Jul 10, 2007 02:35 AM

J&L Mall Shuttered

For all of you provincial Chinese cheap eats/street food lovers, you will mourn the closing of the famed J&L Mall in Flushing.....

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  1. This is quite a statement to make while being so brief. When, what time(s), or how many days consecutively, did you see it shuttered? Do you have inside info? The last time I was there, about a week and a half ago, three of the stalls were shuttered in the middle of the day, and some of the other stalls were in disarray, so I sensed something was up. But they might also be renovating. Guess we'll have to wait and see. P.

    1. Is this the one across from the post office? I walked by Saturday afternoon and it was completely closed.

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          damn it that really sucks, i was finally planning to try that place this weekend...are there any other street malls?

      1. A rumor that we heard was that the company that was leasing the J&L Mall space and then sub-leasing the space to the various food vendors, had not paid the electric bill and Con Edison shut off the electricity as a result of non-payment of the utility bill.

        Not sure what this means in terms of the food vendors at the J&L Mall, but if the rumor is true, and the utility bill is not paid shortly by the leaseholder, it is unlikely that the Mall will open any time soon. But our guess is that the remaining food vendors at the J&L Mall who were successful and making a living, will try to obtain new space and reopen in another location and most probably in the Flushing Chinatown area.

        Restaurant businesses, especially small Chinatown hole in the walls, have a very precarious life. Here today and gone tomorrow. We will miss the fried buns filled with red bean and the many other items that we bought at one of the vendors there, but we will not miss the Jian Bings that we finally tried at the red bean place several months ago. We finally ordered one of the Jian Bings there and confirmed Hling’s earlier post that the Jian Bings there were not very good. The red bean vendor poured the batter onto the flat grill, cracked two eggs, and used those burned and blistered rectangular crackers, but the taste was nothing like the Jian Bings that we tasted while visiting Beijing.

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          thanks for having the courage to try that jian bing! sounds unappetizing, glad I never ordered it.

        2. I stopped in the J&L Mall on July 20, late morning. Several of the vendors seemed to be just getting under way, but all of them looked to be still in business. Golden Mall was going great guns, too. Further discussion here:

          Golden Shopping Mall
          41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

          J&L Mall
          41-82 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

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            Oh thank you gods! Or thank you Dave for reporting this. I have only been once I dug it so very much that I would have to cry if I could not go back for further investigation!!

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              Well, it was back, but only for a while. The photos below, of the J&L Mall, were taken at about noon on January 19. If someone can translate the signs in the second photo, perhaps we'll have a lead on one or more of the vendors. You can also see an enlarged version of that second photo at:

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                The people who sold the bings at the front of the mall now sell their wares, including bings, toward the back of a Chinese fast-food joint at 41-40 Main Street.

                The Guizhou stand that had meat stews and soups is setting up a stall in the tiny mall at 41-42A Main St. It's not open yet , but their sign is up and the stall is being built.

                1. re: Brian S

                  The third sign in that second photo, which I can make out only by viewing the "original" size on Flickr -- -- mentions 135-23 40th Rd., the address of the old bing store. As noted elsewhere -- -- that store no longer has ready-made bings, though I did buy a trio of pan-fried pork-and-cabbage buns there yesterday. So-so, both on taste and on their attitude. If the sign indicates that another J&L vendor has taken over that storefront, Brian, perhaps you can clarify for us.

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                    Did the Sichuan stall in the back with the rockin' dan dan mian ever reopen?