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Jul 10, 2007 02:13 AM

Financial district sushi -- Ise isn't it

Just wanted to say that the detractors are right on this one -- delivery took forever and the fish wasn't fresh. Any suggestions for good sushi in financial district would be appreciated -- if it's on Seamless Web that would be a bonus. Thanks.

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  1. I like Suteishi. FYI: Haru is supposed to be opening sometime this summer in the Cocoa Exchange Building.

    1. I like Sushi a La Kawa on Maiden Lane.

      1. I haven't tried Suteishi, but I've heard good things. I order from Koodo sushi. Its the best I've tried so far. I use to order from Sushi a la Kawa, but for some reason all of a sudden they weren't on seamless web anymore, so started ordering from Koodo, and I think its 20 times better than Sushi a la Kawa.

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        1. re: Hungry_girl

          I agree--sushi a la kawa always tastes refrigerated. Koodo is good, quick and cheap as well.

          1. re: Hungry_girl

            Thanks for the Koodo tip -- I had it tonight and agree it's good.

            1. re: UWShound

              I need to try Koodo now. Ever since I started working in the financial district, I haven't been able to get a good recommendation for good lunch sushi spot.

              1. re: akzero

                There was another place, but its more expensive. Of course I can't remember the name, but its on seamless web. I remember the menu is pretty sparse, but supposed to be good.

            2. re: Hungry_girl

              I would try Koodo. Sorry to hear Sushi a la Kawa is not so good anymore. I used to go often, but not for the past several months. Where is Koodo?

              1. re: Hanachan

                While Koodo is slightly better than Sushi a la Kawa, it is still quite mediocre. The whole management is non-Japanese and the food is not really of high quality. I think Ise is better than Koodo for sure...

            3. I work very close to Koodo and trek to A la Kawa whenever I want sushi. I find the Koodo fish to be mediocre. The lunchtime serve is always horrendous. And when I once complained about my salmon being fishy, the hostess took a roll from my plate, popped it in her mouth, and said that salmon is supposed to taste like that. I don't think so...