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Jul 10, 2007 01:21 AM

Seattle, what have I Missed?

Mrs P and I are in Seattle for a few days at the end of the month. Big plus points are awarded for walking distance from the Sheraton on 6th and Pike (we are English so say a mile or so). Research here and elsewhere has turned up:

Standouts: Matts in the Market and Salumi.
Pubs: Two Bells or Black Bottle.
Oysters: Jack’s Fish Spot in the market or Elliott’s happy hour.
Mussels: Maximillien's at the Market

What have I missed?

I am also looking for a spot for Sunday bunch so far I’m thinking: Café Campagne, Etta’s or Dim Sum at Jade Garden. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

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  1. 1/2 block from the Sheraton is Taphouse Grill (6th between Pike and Pine) which has 160 beers on draught plus food (try the kalbi beef short ribs). CLoser for dimsum (and more comfortable) than Jade Garden would be O'Asian at 5th and COlumbia. Another nearby option to the Sheraton is Barolo (N Italian) between 6th and 7th on Virginia, go for happy hour. Steelhead Diner (Pine below 1st) is another option for casual Northwest fare.

    1. I think your list sounds good! Any of those 3 would be good for brunch-it just depends on if you want Chinese, French or Northwest. Two Bells will definitely be most "pub like"-it's small and a Seattle institution.

      1. Tango, a Latin American tapas place, is within walking distance of the Sheraton on Pike and Boren. For an unusual and delicious dessert, try their El Diablo, combining chocolate and hot red chile. One order is plenty for two to share!