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Jul 10, 2007 01:00 AM

Sirena reviewed in Asbury Park Press

Did you get a chance to read Andrea's review of the place?

It was hysterical. She had a very poor meal served by a waitress with a 'tude.
Incredibly, the best dish she sampled that night was the strozzapretti which is what I had during my only visit. It was a poorly made dish. And yet it was the BEST of all the other entrees she tried! ... LOL ...

She ended by saying she was "outraged" by the poor execution of the food. ... LOL ...

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  1. I read it, too! I gave this place 2 chances to impress me and each time I was so myself!! How could I actually think with the first time being such a downhill disaster, that the second time would be better. It was worse!! The only thing I like about the place is it's location and decor. After that, zilch! Nothing!

    I have yet to read or hear one good review on this place.

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      Believe it or not, David Corcoran in the "NY Times" liked Sirena's and gave it a "Very Good."

      1. re: RGR

        Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did ingest a meal at Sirena (it was my friend’s turn to pick) and while I wouldn’t agree with David Corcoran’s “Very Good,” it is possible to have an acceptable meal here. It is, of course, a pretty place with a lovely view. We kept it simple and split competent wild mushroom risotto to start. My friend’s rigatoni vodka was slightly better than my pappardelle Bolognese, but both were good enough to suit the occasion.

        We split a bottle of a something-something Montepulciano about which I remember only that it was rather raw-boned and that it was offered on the menu as a “Montelpuciano.”

        The service was fine if a little youthfully enthusiastic and unpolished. Sirena was the best of my admittedly limited Pier Village experience, which scene I prefer to avoid. You would have to decide whether or not good enough is Good Enough.

        1. re: RGR

          Interestingly, David and Andrea agreed on what was done poorly and they both enjoyed the lemon tart. He mentioned the high prices more than once.
          David's review seemed too enthusiastic and glancing. Perhaps, he hit the place on a good night.

      2. I also read this review and wonder what it is with the attitude at this place and also at Avenue...seems to be contagious at Pier Village. I won't be wasting time or $$$ at either of these places.

        1. I have heard the "c" word being thrown around when referring to Andrea Clurfeld. I personally don't know her, never met her, and I certainly don't go reading her reviews. I'm just saying I heard she's tough. ;)

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            She admitted in the recent past to being "tough." I would expect nothing less from a critic as long as they are fair.