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Jul 9, 2007 11:25 PM

trying to locate Turkish Taffys in miami area

does anyone know a confectionary store that sells candy bars popular in the 60"s and 70's.I'm trying to buy "turkish taffys" if anyone here is old enough to remember them.thank you in advance for the information.

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  1. Try Jaxson's in Dania Beach -- We go there a couple of times a year for outstanding homemade ice cream on the way home from the beach. On the way out (or in) are a few aisles stocked with lots of oldtime candy. I can almost swear I've seen Turkish Taffy there. As a note, I grew up in Coney Island across the street from Bonomo's Turkish Taffy factory....haven't thought about that in years. The air always smelled so sweet and delicious. Banana Turkish Taffy was always one of my favorite things in life. I suppose if you wanted to order the stuff by mail, it wouldn't be too difficult to find websites listing Turkish Taffy.

    1. Bonomo's Turkish Taffy no longer exists. I tried unsuccessfully. A few months ago on a recommendation from a candy web site, I ordered French Chew. I comes in the usual Turkish Taffy flavors and to my tastes, as well as I can remember, it was a match. Freeze it and crack it and you will think you are eating Bonomo's. Do a google search. Many of the web candy dealers have it available.

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