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Best place in GTA to buy a nice large bar of dark chocolate?

Only place I really liked so far is Bernard Callebaut's, but they're so far away from where I live and I can't find a local reseller. (I'm up in Thornhill, but willing to travel downtown)

I'm looking for just a nice, big bar of rich dark chocolate that I can sink my teeth into from time to time and also snap off a chunk to use in my occasional baking needs. No need for any of those fancy truffle, pralines, etc flavoured chocolate bon bons. I don't mind paying for good quality stuff, but nothing overly pricey if possible.

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  1. I find the Loblaws PC big dark chocolate bars to be great for baking and the inevitable snack. They're French-made, something of a bargain and widely available. Worth a try.

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      Given the OP's description, I would second PC dark. But I also noticed huge Lindt bars at Walmart for a steal! That is the route I would take. As well, Starsky's has some European brands that are EXCELLENT and VERY well priced.

    2. If you are looking for REALLY good stuff try Soma. They sell some in larger packs of bars (4 larger bars) that I have used for baking and eating. It isn't obscenely priced but it is pricey.

      I am sorry I can't remember the name the packaging is silver though...

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        Is the Soma bars a spicy as their hot chocolate? I had one of those a few weeks back when visiting the Distillery district and I had a sore throat from it...

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          No, they have "regular" dark chocolate, too. Try the carnero superior. Too yummy.

      2. Where do you get your Callebaut from? You can buy them at the St. Lawrence market.

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          The one time I went to his shop on Dundas W in Etobicoke, which is a pretty far drive for me, considering there's nothing else for me to do there. It's funny that their own website doesn't even list this store (unless it's now gone?).

          Which store in St Lawrence market carries his stuff? Do they have the baking bar that454gm? I think it's their Bittersweet one that my wife and I really liked.

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            I went to the shop on Dundas W a couple weeks ago. The chocolates were 50% off. They said there is going to be new branding. Hence all the old branding packages were on sale. I wasn't so sure. I haven't been back to see if they are open still.

        2. Ambrosia Natural Foods in Thornhill carries a variety of Green & Black's chocolate bars. The sea-salted caramel is particularly good (for eating, of course). Michel Cluizel's dark chocolate bars are very clean tasting, very good(available in several fine food shops in TO). SOMA's own brand is wonderful, and one of the best for both eating and cooking has to be Scharffen Berger's 70% bittersweet bar.

          1. Whole Foods sells pieces of good quality dark chocolate by weight. You can buy it by the pound. Much cheaper for baking purposes than the smaller packaged artisanal bars but still good for chipping off a chunk to munch on.

            1. I found Callebaut in big bulk chunks at John Vince. Make sure to look at all the labels because some are regular chocolate that costs less and is mixed up with the Callebaut. BTW, they also have milk and white chocolate available...and JVF is quite close to Thornhill...http://www.johnvince.com/

              Great price too...enjoy

              1. A couple options:

                1) Shopper's Drug Mart will often carry Cote D'or dark chocolate bars for around $1.70. Yummy stuff, and great for baking.

                2) Bulk Barn carries both milk and dark Callebaut chocolate chips, for around $1.50 / 100g. Sometime's they are on sale. If you're a student or a senior, you get 10% off on Wednesdays. I tend to buy a kilo or so when they're on sale (or when I have a $3 off coupon from the rare flyer), and use them for everything-- melting down, frostings, chocolate chip cookies. When you work it out, they're marginally more expensive than PC Decedant chocolate chips, but miles better.

                3) If you make the trip up to Newmarket, there's a place called Everything Chocolate on Main Street. They stock a wide variety of bars, in the usual $5-$10/100g range. They tend to have an end-of-line shelf for 50% off, but it's hit-and-miss.

                4) Aunt Sarah's on Doncaster. I haven't been for a few years, since ownership changed hands down the family tree, but they've always been good. They usually have made chcoclates, but I think you can get slabs of plain-old from them too. (Off topic, but in the same plaza is Leo's auto service, about the only mechanic I've been to who is honest!!!!)

                5) Further up Doncaster is an Ambrosia, but I haven't been to them since they went all organic and weird.

                6) As others have mentioned, the PC Dark bar is very yummy and inexpensive. Melts well, too. The Dominion brand is okay, and the Walmark one is mostly sugar.

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                  Thanks for the heads-up on Bulk Barn... i was amazed to see that they carry Callebaut's chocolate chips for such a good price! They also carry a Belgian chocolate in large coin shape... anyone try those yet? (I didn't want to "sample" it, since it's quite large in size and it would've been quite obvious).

                  I also bought a PC dark bar too (made in France). Quite nice and well priced., but I find it a little less creamy/smooth than Callebaut's.

                  My next stop is Aunt Sarah's and Ambrosia... I think I have that Green and Black's cocoa powder which I used to make amazing hot chocolate.

                2. La Salumeria on Yonge Street north of Davisville has one of the best selections in the city of good dark chocolate (many, many varieties) in large sized bars.

                  1. you can order on-line at http://www.bernardcallebaut.com

                    you can also call them and order those items that are unavailable on the website.

                    1. What happened to the Bernard Callebaut shop on Dundas?!!! I went there to pick up my chocolate stash and it has been replaced by another chocolatier. The chocolate there, by the way is not at all comparable to Callebaut.

                      1. Cocoa Camino and Divine Chocolate are both good and fair trade which makes it even better. Ten Thousand Villages carries both.