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Jul 9, 2007 11:14 PM

In search of Oysters

Where else can I find oysters besides Ocean Avenue Seafood? I prefer the west side.
I just had fantastic Hama Hamas in Monterey and I am now in the look out locally.

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  1. Are you looking to buy in bulk or just have oysters on a half shell in a restaurant? I always have great oysters at Hungry Cat here in Hollywood, whose oyster selection rotates depends on what gets shipped in.

    1. Dined recently at Gulf Stream at the Century City mall (good experience) and tried to order the shucked oysters. We had had them before there and thought they were delicious. We were told they were out of season right now (??) They said we could order the fried ones but just ended up ordering the smoked salmon and trout dip instead.

      1. If you're looking for oysters to shuck at home, Santa Monica Seafood (12th and Colorado in SM) usually has 3 or 4 varieties, around 75 cents each. If you're looking for a platter of oysters on the half shell, check out King's Fish House in Calabasas. They generally have 8 or 9 varieties, and I've never had a bad oyster there. If they have Conway Cup oysters, be sure to order some -- small, plump, and delicious.

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            The selection varies from day to day, but I think they generally have kumomotos. Call 'em and see what they have:

          2. re: ozhead

            thanks for the heads up, .75 per isn't bad at all

            1. re: ozhead

              Took Ozhead's advice last night and visited King Fish House in Calabasas. Hello!! The shucked oysters were delicious!!! Both my bf and I had the 1/2 dozen sampler which is around 12.50. On the sampler was Bahia Falsa, Quilcene,Kumamoto, Canada Cup (both our favorite-so silky smooth in texture and had a mild sweetness), Watch Hill and Island Creek. Our server did mention that this is the end of the season for these oysters and they may be gone soon.
              The oysters were just to start of course.We arrived there ravenous after hiking in Topanga Canyon. For entrees I got the cedar plank white king salmon (was a little disappointed they didn't have Copper River Salmon) and bf got the scallops. Both come with a choice of 2 sides. The entrees were decent but the oysters were the stars of the show! The service was on the slow side but overall, a good experience.
              Thanks Ozhead!

              1. re: Hapafish

                If Kings is part of the same restaurant group as Ocean Ave and I Cugini, wouldn't they also have comparable access to quality oysters?

                Prior to this year, my fave was Kumamoto, but after multiple enjoyable tastings at Hungry Cat, my new favorite oyster is Malpeque, whose season is just beginning.

                The Hungry Cat
                1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  Duly noted, Hungry Cat is on my hitlist. I know it's in Hollywood. How's the parking sit.?
                  Re: access to oysters, the server mentioned those particular oysters are at the end of the season. Maybe they will have a different list of half shell served oysters when those are out of season ?? not sure. Oysters need very cold water to flourish, que no?

                  1. re: Hapafish

                    Parking is pretty easy since it's part of the Sunset+Vine complex with the Borders and Bed Bath and Beyond, so you just park there and they validate.

                2. re: Hapafish

                  My pleasure. If you go again and arrive before 6:30, you might want to sit in the bar -- especially if the weather is nice and you can sit outside (inside is too noisy for my taste) and have oysters and something small off the happy-hour bar menu, which is served only until 6:30. Ms. Dr. Oz likes the fish tacos, I like the fried calamari and the po' boy -- both of which are smaller, and much less expensive, than the same items off the regular menu. (If you order a po'boy, you can get it with shrimp or oysters or -- best in my book -- scallops.) The bar area also has the advantage of self-seating, so if you're lucky you can grab a table and not have to wait, which is often a problem on the restaurant side. (Of course, you can make a reservation for the restaurant, which prettly much eliminates the wait.)

                  If Ms. Dr. Oz and I are eating in the restaurant, we will often split a dozen oysters then either split an entree or each have an appetizer -- again, she likes the fish tacos, and I am partial toward the so-called "N'Awlins BBQ shrimp" in the appetizer size, which is a good-size portion and a nice spicy dish. Of course, we precede all of that with martinis, which are expensive ($10.50, I think, for a Sapphire martini -- 3 olives, of course, so that I don't have to order a salad) but very good.

                  1. re: ozhead

                    Hmm... so there is a bar outside? did not notice that. we sat inside, no wait but we did get there a little before 9pm (they close at 10pm) this might account for the slow service. Thanks for the happy hour tip. Good way to spare the pocketbook. Yah, our check with no alcohol for 2 was 75$, that's before tip. We both noticed the po' boys and the Nawlin's BBQ shrimp on the menu and wondered if they were good. Now we know.
                    lol about the olives--these take the place of a healthy salad? lol

                    1. re: Hapafish

                      If you're standing facing the front door of the restaurant, everything to your left -- inside and outside -- is part of the bar, and everything to your right is part of the restaurant. The outside part of the bar is a partio-like area with maybe 8 or 10 tables, which (from memory) are all 4-tops -- though there might be some 2s and one or 2 6s. The hot tip is to mill around right outside the entrance to the patio-like area, keeping your eagle eye open for someone about to leave one of the outside tables; the minute those folks get up, you elbow and claw your way to that table, sit down, and wave to the nearest busboy to come clean that sucker STAT and give you some setups.

                      And no, the olives do not "take the place of" a healthy salad, they ARE a healthy salad -- with a gin 'n' vermouth dressing.

                  2. re: Hapafish

                    As an update, re: Copper River Salmon, I checked with another restaurant today that was serving it and they said that season is definitely over. :(
                    Still at King's the server never indicated that they did have it but not any more. I think they just never had it...

                    1. re: Hapafish

                      I don't think that's right about King's, Hapa, because while Copper River salmon was available King's (1) featured in in the box in the center of the daily menu, and (b) hung up big banners showing they had it and the dates it would be available.

                      1. re: ozhead

                        I see! Guess I just missed the boat there. good to know they had it!

                3. Quality Seafood Redondo Beach Pier. Eat them there on one of the outdoor picnic tables or take them home. Great variety. Fresh and delicious.


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                    1. re: wilafur

                      the oysters at Frieche in Culver City were pretty good. that night they had Quilcene oysters from washington.. very creamy

                      1. re: wilafur

                        I went to Quality Seafood last week. Of the 12-15 different types, the oyster man said only two were good. And they didn't have kumamotos :(

                      2. re: Servorg

                        If tablecloths, china, silver and crystal mean little but top-notch oysters and plenty of them at a reasonable price mean more, the place is QS. 25-30 varieties live in saltwater tanks. Bring you own Mignonette sauce.

                      3. Yes, King's Fish House in Calabasas has great oysters. The same company owns Ocean Avenue seafood but I haven't been there in years. The Lobster in S.M. has good oysters as well as the Gumbo Pot at the original Farmer's market. Sometimes Kate Mantillini has good oysters also.